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Gary L. Taylor

Gary Taylor’s client reviews

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  • Very poor Job. Highly suggest you get anyone else

    1.0 star

    Posted by Chuck.

    I can't give a worse rating to any attorney ever used. Scope was clear:
    1. Get spouse out of house..........he forgot to bring the matter up, perhaps because he showed up late.
    2. Get me Paid at court, cut a deal, get it finished, compromise..Gary did a continuance, raised his hand when I suggested I get a progress payment, was more concerned with his relationship with judge, than the client
    3. Non-compete...he didn't deal with it, Mark did but no opinion letter provided as requested.

    In Summary, he went up against an uneducated person who put Gary on the defense from the first moment. Gary spent the total time responding, never went on offense. Did not get my check at closing. Then, over billed me by double the agreed upon amount. Gary has no skills beyond sending a high bill, no results, not conforming to scope of job, and showing up late to court, being chummy with Judge and not using his good relationship to get job done.

    Could not be more dissatisfied. You would think, he would have won, against a first time, non educated individual, that did not have any knowledge of the law.

    I called his partner Mark, who listened and seemed to understand what happened, then no follow up or response to my concerns. Next, I got a huge bill, with no adjustment for his incompetence.
    Originally, I was referred to Mark, the firm referred me to Gary, I left Gary a message, he returned the call a week later, as I was just about to meet with Mark. Mark referred me to Gary, because he had a relationship with the Judge. Total disaster case. Did not receive any result but a large bill. I'm reprimanding the person that recommended Mark only (Gary was never recommended).

  • stay away, save your money

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    He and his co-worker charged me $ 88,000.00 to save my $ 100,000.00. Then, just one week before the trial, his office dropped my case. His association cost me additional $500,000. Did not disclose his conflict of interest before taking my case.