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Travis Craig Thompson

Travis Thompson’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Prompt, Empathetic and Concise

    I have no problem recommending Craig. He was very prompt to respond and was able to deal quickly and effectively with an emotional situation with very rationale and reasoned approach. Highly recommend!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    Thankful to have his guidance.

    Travis' capable and reliable approach dramatically alleviated my worry and concern. I'm thankful to have had his assistance and guidance, if needed again I will seek his counsel in the future and I have and will continue to recommend him to friends.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Karl

    Excellent Attorney

    Travis is a great attorney. He assisted me through the entire process of negotiations with the Court and through a difficult situation. Travis maintains the DA contacts necessary for making deals or offering solutions that I otherwise would not have had.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcus

    Good experience. Accessible.

    My wife and I are landlords of a small apartment building. Travis has helped us with a variety of tenant issues over the past several years. Some cases are evictions, some are reconsiliation. The cases are annoying and personal to us. Travis has done a good job of allowing us to let go of it and let him do his job of representing us with good results.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Lawsuits & Disputes client

    worste experience with a lawyer ever.

    Has to be the worste lawyer I ever worked with. Travis is very responsive to initially get the case and your money but after that good luck communicating with him. During my case any time I need to contact him it took several calls, emails and texts for weeks to hear anything. Then he often would call contact you the day before a scheduled court date giving you no time to plan. Also wonder about his integrity after the case was over, I requested my remaining retainer and asked for an itemized bill or receipt for his services and never heard from him again. I would stay away from this lawyer.

    Travis Craig Thompson’s response: “We regret this anonymous poster believes they experienced a less-than-satisfactory outcome with Thompson Law LLC. Please feel free to email me directly at; we're always open to discuss your case and heed advice as to how our services can be improved!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Danielle

    You want this guy on your side!

    We hired Mr. Thompson to help in a very troubling and complicated divorce/custody case. He has routinely proven that he is insightful, strategic and straightforward, leading us to the best of outcomes in daunting circumstances.

    Travis is an excellent listener, taking time to truly understand his clients. He was willing to work with our many limitations and fearlessly pursue the best possible outcome for our family.

    He is professional, tenacious and extremely trustworthy. He routinely proved that he had a deep grasp of the law and fearlessness to pursue truth, and not just what was convenient. We will work with him any chance we get and consider ourselves lucky to have found him in the first place!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bonnie

    Excellent Attorney for Harassing Neighbor Issue!

    Travis represented my family and myself in a harassing neighbor issue. He was very kind, thoughtful, and reassuring through the process. He represented us in two hearings for harassment restraining orders. He presented himself and our interests well. Both hearings went well and I felt my children and myself were safe during the process. He was upfront about the cost.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dolf

    very efficient

    Travis has been my attorney for over four years. I have felt very well represented. I am up against very well funded opposition and have been able to hold my own primarily due to the knowledge and efficiency of Mr. Thompson.

    I have always been impressed by his thorough understanding of the law, his ability to apply it correctly to my benefit and that he explains the ins and outs to me clearly. Travis always checks with me about decisions that need to be made and makes recommendations.

    I am very happy with his ability to think quickly and as far as I can tell, accurately based on the results.
    Travis always keeps me up to speed without sending me all the paper the other attorneys would Bill me a fortune for. I and my kids are indebted to Mr. Thompson.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerry

    Excellent service

    He represented our family in a dispute with a neighbor he was very professional, and was very knowledgeable, he kept us up to date all the time and handled our matter with the utmost professionalism and care i would recommend him to all of my friends and family

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I would not Recommend... Poor Invoicing and Poor Business Practices

    I hired Mr Thompson in June... He seemed very knowledgeable, but was very poor at responding and doing things in a timely manner - for example when I would call on the status of the filing of my divorce petition, that I had thought was filed weeks prior, it turns out it was never filed... in the long run the respondent answered late and Mr Thompson stated that he had just saved me money by not filing, but it was more the principle that he said he was going to do something and then did not.

    At the end of July and beginning of August - I started asking for an itemized invoice so that I knew where I stood in regards to hours and my retainer. I finally received an itemized invoice at the end of October. On this invoice he charged me almost $1400 in fees for text messages. I feel that this was pretty ridiculous, especially if I had been aware of his texting/fee practices I would have not accepted any text messages.

    I tried to tell him that I no longer wanted his services the day that I received the invoice. I was pretty angry, and felt like they were hidden fees especially because I had been asking for a statement for almost 5 months. He told me that he would not admit any excess in invoicing or fees, but offered some pro bono hours because he "wanted to see this case through".

    The week before once of my hearings I was finally forwarded the discovery request from opposing counsel (that had been dated a month prior) - this lead me to believe he had this discovery request almost a month before passing it on to me. Additionally - I was unaware of what documentation I was to provide the mediator until THE DAY BEFORE the hearing, when the office manager forwarded me a letter that she had sent to Mr Thompson almost 30 days prior. I do not understand why this is information that was not shared with me.

    If you Hire Mr Thompson, while he might be a talented attorney (I never got to find out) be wary of his invoicing and business practices. (I had paid him about $3704 total, and he claims I only paid $3404 - where is the missing $300? ) I feel like nothing was successfully accomplished.

    Travis Craig Thompson’s response: “We regret you feel the experience with Thompson Law LLC did not meet your expectations. We value our customers and strive for excellent legal representation. If you would like to discuss your concerns our doors are always open; please feel free to reach me personally by email at”