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State v. John Doe

Case Conclusion Date: 08.12.2011

Practice Area: Violent Crime

Outcome: Aggravated Felony Assault Dismissed

Description: Client was charged with aggravated felony assault, strangulation, and child abuse. Client had an extensive felony record extending over 20 years. He was on parole with significant prison time over his head if the case resulted in a felony conviction. He faced up to 5 years consecutive to parole, which was more than three years. There were clear issues with the investigation, and more importantly the medical evidence in the case. As a result, John Conard was able to have all felony charges dismissed. Client took a minor misdemeanor conviction. After meeting with Conard, his parole agent let him remain out in the community. He served no addition custody time, and paid no fine, and served no additional probation.

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