I was originally referred to Brian by a friend that told me Brian was one of the smartest guys he knew. I learned that he was a specialist in the fields of IP Protection and innovative law practices, and also had a very good understanding of internet marketin, domain names, and the issues currently affecting all companies who value their placement within the world wide web. Since originally using Brian just for trademark assistance and filings, we've since expanded to use him and his firm for patent work, contract manufacturing agreements, sub-contractor contracts, litigation prevention, complex business opportunity agreements, and much more. I love that I can go to Brian for just about anything, and if he can't handle it (which is rare, but one example is in-depth franchise law), he'll refer me elsewhere. His prices are incredibly fair (half the rates of similar lawyers in Los Angeles (where I live) and his quality likely surpasses the attorneys at the big firms. Why? He cares about his clients and really cares about his reputation. He comes from a relatively small firm and a small town but he has huge ambitions and bigtime knowledge. For us, it's the perfect fit. Our business has only increased in value since hiring Brian and I'm happy to say we're getting a damn good deal. You'll be fortunate to work with him.