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People v Gerald Fields

Case Conclusion Date: 01.12.1998

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: My client was found Not Guilty.

Description: My client was charged in a double homicide. He was accused of shooting to death a mother and her daughter, who my client had had a dating relationship with which had just ended prior to their deaths. The allegations stemmed from a theory that he had murdered the girl and the mother because she had broken off their relationship and that she knew much about his "drug-dealing"; (the mother was killed simply because she was home). The state also had a good friend of my clients who was offereing up alleged admissions made by my client in exchange for consideration on a federal bank-robbery sentence. What I was personally most proud of in this case were a couple of things. 1) This case was tried in 1997; there had not been an acquittal in a homicide trial in Calhoun County since 1992. 2) The jury tooks only about 1 hour to find my client not guilty. 3) The prosecutor who handled the case had not really lost many cases and was generally though of by many as "all that" and then some.

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