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Dynah Naomi Juliette Duncan-White

Dynah Duncan-White’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Don

    Dynah, qualified to represent A-Z

    When i had the privilege to be represented by Dynah, i had requested a court appointed attorney on the spot and she just happened to be there. After one look at my file, i could tell that Dynah had "been around" so to speak... She knew instantly what she was dealing with, but in reality what she was dealing with was two felonys and whatever misdemeanors that were thrown at me (my guess was so that the felonys stuck out to the judge, and ultimately would stick onto my record). Needless to say, i have a rap sheet like a table cloth full of almost consistent misdemeanors snowballed throughout my entire 20's. In and out of county jail, and the longest time ive ever served was roughly 5 months in the county jail. I was sentanced to a year on a high misdemeanor, and ended up serving the rest of my time on a tether. So at this point in my life i know what jail is all about, and deathly afraid to go back not to mention prison.
    I was facing up to five years in prison for just one of the felonys that i had committed. So that one felony plus another and some misdemeanors, added up im facing a total of mabe 8 years in prison. I then knew i needed to make some serious changes and Dynah wasnt afraid to make that loud and clear... After a month of making some drastic decisions, and focusing on picking my own self up by the boot straps... I took Dynahs advice and started to work on myself, instead of worrying myself to death. Attended meetings, working with mental health counselors, psychiatrists, and doctors.
    Meanwhile behind the curtains, Dynah requested medical records ect. She was constantly going out of her way to work every angle in my case. I was able to have a couple sit down visits with Dynah discussing the seriousness of my case. Although i had committed several crimes (that truthfully, I'm surprised didn't make the evening news), Dynah had my best interest at heart 110%. She also wanted to make sure that i was well aware of the wrongs Ive done, and the possible repercussions that I was facing.
    When all was said and done, Dynah bonded my case over to Frank Murphy where she convinced the judge that there was hope left for me after all, even for a repeat offender like myself... So I did end up taking a plea bargain. Not only were a couple of the charges dropped/dropped down, but i wasn't forced to serve any jail/prison time. I was put on probation with the exception that i remained working with mental health services.
    Now that i broke down my story, to give you an example of why i would give Dynah a 10-10. Between her experience in taking divorce/custody cases, as well as being such a good criminal lawyer, i would recommend Dynah to anyone for virtually any case. I personally know that she is a person who takes her job very seriously and is very smart/witty, so there's no getting over on Dynah in a courtroom. The fact that she knows so much about law, and isn't afraid to answer your texts etc. Dynah worked with me (off the record) and really made you feel like you had Peyton Manning on your team, and Floyd Mayweather in your corner.
    Ive paid lawyers in the past up to $3,000 to take a simple marijuana case, still didnt get any charges dropped and ended up serving a max sentence of 93 days in jail for a misdemeanor (roach in my ashtray)... (not proud to say) but out of all of the lawyers ive ever had (which is roughly about 15-20) I could tell that Dynah is about her business... So if your remotely unsure about a case from custody, divorce to criminal defense, Dynah-Duncan White is hands down one of the best lawyers in downriver, not to mention more affordable (it isn't hard to see that now a days, those are the most important traits). Dynah is definitely a 'peoples' lawyer. In my opinion, those are the best kind. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.
    Once again, thank you so much Dynah, and God bless you.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Robin

    Honest, to the point, and knowledgeable

    I have worked with a couple attorneys in the past and now that i have worked with Dee (as she prefers to be called) I will never work with another attorney again. Dee will be called for any future needs that might ever come up again for my family. Dee has a caring and compassionate nature and is very forthcoming, you know that your well-being is what matters to her. I have called upon Dee twice now for attorney services. The first time was after my mother had passed away. I have 2 brothers and the middle brother was put in charge of my mothers estate. Shouldn't be something you would need a attorney for, but in my case the brother that was in charge of the estate was negligent in his duties. After 2 yrs of my mothers passing the house contents still hadn't been inventoried, cleaned out, repairs done, or house put on the market. My brother had lied to my other brother and I and told us there was no loan on the house (when actually there was a loan), he had managed to make a huge mess of things. The property was going to be auctioned off within 48 hrs and Dee helped me to prevent that from happening.
    The next time that i called upon Dee was when i sustained a injury at a local business. At that time Dee helped me to get a settlement from that business in a timely matter. It was a crazy once in a lifetime injury and the company didn't want to reimburse me for my medical expenses but in the accident report they admitted culpability. Dee yet again handled everything, giving me sound advice, listened to everything I said and always made sure i knew exactly where I stood. She got me a settlement with this business in a timely fashion that i was very happy with. I recommend her to anyone I know. When you call her you will not regret it!!!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by tim


    Dynah Duncan, an attorney with compassion and a smile. Over the last five years watching my father heath never really occurred to me to ask the important questions. About finances and insurance. let alone the home I grew up in…knowing mom still needs to be taken care of after my fathers passing. I just assumed everything was in order. Boy was I wrong. With an avalanche of bills, no will, no money and a small life insurance mom grew up in the era were the man took care of everything. As I looked things over, we didn’t have a pot to piss in. Over whelmed, my brother suggested a lawyer. First thing I thought of, like most everyone; they will just take everything and squeeze the rest of my sanity out. I went against my better judgment and called.
    After speaking with Dynah, our first conversation, (she said call me Dee) I knew she had an ear for listening and the knowledge for direction; we started piecing together the trail of broken dreams. Dee quickly made me realize that she was working for us, not her wallet. Going back 30 yrs of house notes,mortgage,remortgage,payoffs,bail bondman,insurance,remortgage,.My father quit school in 8th grade to help raise his brothers and sisters due to financial hardship his own parents faced. So when the banks said they had a better deal for him, he listened. I was starting to get a better understanding into my father’s past. Dee made a clearer picture for us to make the right choices. And now with our finances in order. MOM still lives in the same home. I am forever grateful for her patience and diligent in not only dealing with me, but also everyone involved. Best call I ever made.
    Dynah Duncan made my life easier. Thank