Dynah Duncan, an attorney with compassion and a smile. Over the last five years watching my father heath deteriate.it never really occurred to me to ask the important questions. About finances and insurance. let alone the home I grew up in…knowing mom still needs to be taken care of after my fathers passing. I just assumed everything was in order. Boy was I wrong. With an avalanche of bills, no will, no money and a small life insurance policy...my mom grew up in the era were the man took care of everything. As I looked things over, we didn’t have a pot to piss in. Over whelmed, my brother suggested a lawyer. First thing I thought of, like most everyone; they will just take everything and squeeze the rest of my sanity out. I went against my better judgment and called.
After speaking with Dynah, our first conversation, (she said call me Dee) I knew she had an ear for listening and the knowledge for direction; we started piecing together the trail of broken dreams. Dee quickly made me realize that she was working for us, not her wallet. Going back 30 yrs of house notes,mortgage,remortgage,payoffs,bail bondman,insurance,remortgage,.My father quit school in 8th grade to help raise his brothers and sisters due to financial hardship his own parents faced. So when the banks said they had a better deal for him, he listened. I was starting to get a better understanding into my father’s past. Dee made a clearer picture for us to make the right choices. And now with our finances in order. MOM still lives in the same home. I am forever grateful for her patience and diligent in not only dealing with me, but also everyone involved. Best call I ever made.
Dynah Duncan made my life easier. Thank you...tm.