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Patrick Justin Arata

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Ronald

    Hired Attorney

    Do not hire or retain

    I was arrested for an Owi in February of this year(2015). I hired Mr. Patrick Arata because I'd heard that he was supposedly the best in the state and he knows all about OWI's. Anyway, Mr. Arata and his paralegal were very nice until they received their retainer of 2500 dollars. They hardly returned any phone calls and when they did i had to leave multiple messages. I dont feel Mr. Arata exercised this OWI expertise he supposedly knows. Once in court i was rushed along and the plea agreement i was basically forced to sign was not only fully explained, but he out right lied about the parameters of this plea agreement.
    Here in Fort Wayne Indiana they have a program called antibuse, better known as AADP. I was sentenced to a level 6 felony which under a level 6 felony i could be sentenced to anywhere from 6 months to 2 and a half years in the Dept. Of Correction. Anyway, i had to participate in going to AADP as a condition of bail and pay 67 dollars a week. I had done that for a total of a 132 days until i was sentenced. My sentence was to serve 6 months of home detention and report to AADP for 3 years. How can this be possible when the law states that under a level 6 felony i am to be punished a minimum of 6 months to no more than 2 and a half years. Mr.Arata knew that my plea agreement was illegal, but to be honest i dont think he cared. He also told me that i would be given credit for those 132 days of reporting and paying to AADP. Only to hear at sentencing that isnt true (I have to repetition the court, which of course is more money)
    I definitely got the short end of the stick... Lord forbid i ever catch another OWI,but if i do Mr. Arata is the LAST guy I'd call. His people skills are terrible and his supposed courtroom expertise is even worse. I was better off having a court appointed attorney, at least I would have known from the start they had no real interest in the outcome. I could have used that 2500 i wasted on this guy and gave that to AADP....
    To whomever is reading this... BEWARE!!!! I wouldn't rehire this guy to save my soul.

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by Mike


    I strongly recommend Pat Arata over any other lawyer for representation for an DWI(OWI)
    I unfortunatley highered another lawyer from Crown Pt, IN before calling Pat Arata.
    I wish I hired Pat initially. Unlike the other lawyer Pat cares about his clients, does not practice unethical law and will get back to you when you leave a message.
    I was arrested for a OWI and read all these good reviews about the "other guy" and therefore went with him. Yes there are ways to manipulate the system and only look like the "best".

    Pat will take the time to discuss your options and will do anything to help you restore your driving priveleges. He knows how to fight for your rights. He has written books and regulary runs seminars to teach other lawyers about DWI's and OWI's.
    Pat may charge more than some other lawyers but as the saying goes "you get what you pay for"
    Also Pat will travel to other areas even if your OWI is out of the Fort Wayne area.