Mr. Zahn represented me in a case out of Indianapolis, IN for a class D felony of possession with intent to distribute marijuana (Indiana charges this as "dealing in marijuana"), approximately 5lb's according to the State. The only priors I had were from when I was 18 for misdemeanor marijuana possession and reckless endangerment which stemmed from a "brawl" type fight consisting of over 15 people. I don't feel comfortable going into details of where the arrest occurred or specifics about how it happened. However, in the end Mr. Zahn got me a plea deal that I was willing to accept, which was a suspended 3 year sentence and 1.5 years supervised probation, as well as the opportunity to go before the judge upon successful completion of probation and petition to have my felony reduced to a misdemeanor on my record. No jail time as long as I didn't violate my probation, with credit for 2 days served. Originally the prosecutor was only "offering" a 1.5 year PRISON sentence, so I found the second deal to be much more acceptable.

Throughout the process I was almost always able to get a hold of Mr. Zahn on his cell phone and he was ready and willing to answer my questions even when he was at home. Overall, I would definitely recommend Mr. Zahn to anyone facing felony charges. I will say, without going into any details about the case, that I thought that we may have a shot at a motion to suppress evidence based on the initial probable cause and initial entry into the location I was at. However, I was paying Mr. Zahn for his legal opinion and with 45 years of experience, I had to defer to him on the issue. He felt it would come down to the police officers' word against mine and despite obvious lies and distortions I pointed out to Mr. Zahn, in which the initial officers' version of how things unfolded were changed to fit a "for sure" probable cause, he did not feel it would be granted.