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Deborah Agard’s client reviews

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  • Awesome attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sherri

    I was highly referred to Deb Agard when my attorney retired and I was going through a child support modification for one child and emancipation for another. Working with her and her staff was great. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Anytime I had any questions/concerns they were always addressed in a timley manner by her or her staff. She was well prepared and fully attentive in court and I was glad I was not on the other side in the court room. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I was referred to Devorah Agard from another attorney. He highly recommended her. Well needless to say that are in cahoots w one another. Mr. Kennedy finds the valuable clients and refers to ms. Agard for the HIGH PAYING RETAINER FEE! Ms. Agard reassured me that she could help me even though we only had 4 days to get things in order when my ex went for emergency hearing for my daughter. I had of roughly $5000.00 before it was all said and done and for what NOTHING. I still lostu daughter and have to pay supervised visits. Ms bag are didnt even defend me. My ex's attorney mrs. Gaddy and ms. Agard used to work together and I was also guaranteed that that would play no effect on her representing me. BOY was I wrong. We went to court and I lost her and the judge left everything g open ended. She couldn't even set up a reviewing hearing. I've been paying 290.00 every two weeks to see my daughter for only four hours a week. After my hearing ms. Agard was in such a hurry to get out because she was leaving on vacation. And she pretty much called me everything in the book but a white woman. To this day my daughter kicks and screams for me very time she sees me and is constantly asking when she gets to come home that she is getting is treated at her fathers. When ms Agard came back from her vacation she fired me as a client and I paid more of a retainer to have her to type up a reviewing hearing cause you only have 30 days to appeal. She flat out refused. Now I have been going through this since October And am having a hard finding another attorney because the case did not get closed it is still open ended! I am an awesome mother who was very highly I to my daughters education and coached her in cheerleading softball well anything bs he wanted to do. I coached her. I have never been in trouble w the law or ever done drugs in my lifetime. My daughter should not have to suffer like this. They didn't hurt me they killed U daighters spirit completely.

  • Obviously Too Busy For My Case

    1.0 star

    Posted by Doug

    Was quoted 15K for a divorce. Thought the retainer was unusually high but was willing to pay that for a competent attorney. Unfortunately my ex's attorney has been handing me my lunch and Deborah M Agard appears to be assisting them in their efforts. Sent Deborah M Agard an email three weeks in a row detailing how my ex was refusing to allow visitation with my child. After three weeks of no response I called her office and was given a date and time for a telephone conference. After the telephone conference Deborah Agard finally took some action and I did get to visit with my child. Unfortunately during the process Deborah Agard failed to consider anything sent to her via email in regards to the visitation situation. She essentially was agreeing to the terms and conditions that my ex had specified which were totally unreasonable. If Deborah M Agard had bothered to read my emails she would have known that I would not have agreed to the conditions specified by my ex wife. I received a detailed billing and was charged $25.00 for reviewing client email. This was charged to me 10 different times. I am no longer using Deborah M Agard as an attorney for I believe that not only will I be out 15K but I will get my ass handed to me in court if she is my legal representation.

    Deborah Marie Agard’s response: “Unfortunately, the Rules of Professsional Conduct prohibit my specific responses to the allegations lodged.. I've asked this client to remove this review based upon unfounded and inaccurate accusations.”