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John Peter Sherrod

John Sherrod’s client reviews

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  • Excellent Foreclosure Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Foreclosure client

    Upon hiring John Sherrod as my attorney to represent me in the foreclosure on my home, John fully investigated my case, filed to the court in a timely manner. John fully unveiled and supported evidence for each count in my case. As s brilliant attorney who put in countless hours on my case, John was the most dedicated and well scribed lawyer I have encountered.

  • John Sherrod - Artful Dodger

    1.0 star

    Posted by Michael

    Based on the recommendation of a friend, and information on their website that they specialized in foreclosures, and specifically fraudulent foreclosures, we retained Mr. John Sherrod of Jump Legal on Apr 18. At our initial meeting with Mr. Sherrod, he told us the default judgement was improper in that we had responded to the lawsuit, and “appeared” in it. This is what we believed, and Mr. Sherrod told us he would file a motion (60(b)) to have the default judgement overturned as the first necessary step in moving forward with our case. We then discussed potential for fraud, and the problems with the MERs system. Although we were not experts in this field, we had looked into it, and discussed the possibility of fraud with many others, and for several reasons, we thought that our foreclosure fit not only that model, but an emerging trend of intentional and systematic efforts by the banks to divest themselves of mortgages. We expected that that possibility would be investigated by Jump Legal, as that was their advertised line of business. As far as we know nothing was ever done along those lines. We also discussed that our eventual goal was to continue to live in our home, and to simply reinstate a reasonable and achievable mortgage loan.

    Mr. Sherrod, on several occasions showed a lax attitude for timeliness, and possibly a problem with follow through. From taking 7 weeks, until it was too late, to file our 60(b), troubles with getting motions recorded, several other motions filed “after the fact”, failure to notify us of developments, or documents received, an apparent failure to send either required notifications, or answers, to the proper parties on several occasions, and demonstrated an unwillingness to communicate with us on even the most basic of matters.

    Additionally, his 60(b) filing was deficient in several required areas, including not giving our reasons why we wanted to pursue the case in court. Some of these deficiencies were noted in the Judges decision to deny the motion. Additionally, it was never communicated to the court the failure of Fifth Third to negotiate in good faith, their denial of any and all assistance programs, and their denial to even allow us a short sale resolution. We believe it is because of this that the court made it’s decisions based upon several incorrect assumptions.

    Below is a timeline of significant events during the foreclosure process after the default decision was rendered, along with Mr. Sherrods actions. All of these are well documented in emails and the court record, which are all readily available, although not included here. After the timeline, I have denoted several specific events that I believe Mr. Sherrods actions were negligent and defective in. I believe as a direct result of his actions we lost the ability to dispute this foreclosure in court, which resulted in the loss our home, income from my workshop, and a large amount of our personal possessions.

  • John saved our house!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kim

    We were facing losing our family home to foreclosure. The bank promised a loan modification. We sent in our paperwork, did everything we were supposed to. We even sent in our payments as we were to dld. The bank still foreclosed on our house. My husband and I thought there was no hope and were prepared to move in with our in-laws with our children. Once we met John, our hopes were restored. He successfully stopped the sherriff sale, filed a lawsuit against the bank and was able to fight for our rights. Not only the bank illegally foreclose after we had a trial modification, but John also found many other fraudulent activities. I definitely recommend John Sherrod if you are facing a foreclosure or if you are in the middle of one.