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Jeffery Stimpson’s client reviews

     3.0 stars 3 total

Review Jeffery Stimpson
  • Vicious In Court

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Mr.Stimpson's gift is in the courtroom. He is a very aggressive, go for the throat type of attorney. He puts up with no nonsense and is a great debater and arguer. In a serious case, he is a good one to use because he looks at all the angles. I am told that other attorneys don't always like dealing with him because he is not into bargaining like many of them do. I personally appreciate that because in my situation I was in the right.

    My only real criticisms are he isn't always that responsive and can be moody. He is often criticized for taking his time on things and he is slow, too slow, but there are other attorneys even worse in Tipton County. The guy is money when it comes to child issus like custody, etc

  • Slow and Rude

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    I hired Jeffrey Stimpson based on several friends seeing him operate in court. They said he is hard nosed and it is pretty much his way or the highway. I figured that is exactly what I need. The day I met with him I told him the details and within two minutes he was ready to take the case. I left feeling confident. From that point on what a nightmare. My case was supposed to take a couple of months at best, several months later I had rarely heard from him and when I requested a bill of services, he would go months at a time not doing a thing! His prices are high and if you ever called asking for a status report on YOUR CASE that YOU PAID HIM FOR, you would often get your head ripped off for asking a question. My two month case finally ended ten months later after the opposing attorney called and stated their client was backing off so it was settled out of court meaning he basically didn't do a thing but take several thousands of dollars from me. On the positive side, he does seem to know all the legal terminology and probably is tough in court. I will put it this way, if he is as rude to the opposing attorney and their client as he is to his own, he probably does fine in court.

  • A Mixed Bag

    3.0 stars

    Posted by a Civil Rights client

    Honestly I am torn on which way to go with Jeffrey Stimpson. He is tough in court and will ask the tough questions, so once you get to court you definitely have a fighting chance. That being said he is also very moody and when you meet with him watch his mood on that day. I didn't have any real problems once we got to court but in terms of keeping you informed and responding to calls don't hold your breath. The end result was good but he is slow to file things and not always very responsive. In conclusion, I would say if you want a shot at winning your case you have a chance with this guy (which is ultimately what you want) but if you want to get it over with quickly, I would try someone else.