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Willis Jackson’s client reviews

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Review Willis Jackson
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Norma Jean


    Willis Jackson went to school with my friends mom. She calls him Jack, which I will use. Well Jack asked for a $3000 retainer for a divorce. I decided on a separation and Jack had no clue how it worked. He & his horrible secretary did next to nothing and never returned my calls. I had to go to their office to get any help. They typed the wrong name on my parenting plan. It was a miserable experience and he provided faulty information.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Tax client


    Paid Willis Jackson $5000 he did absolutely nothing to help my case. He can only produce 2 letters written on my behalf and NO specific communication with the IRS. Over 18months with the case and I ended up with garnished wages and and property lein.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Wills client

    Paid him $3000 and all he did was write one letter and he didn't do anything else

    My situation was complicated but Mr Jackson said he knew exactly what to do.
    He wrote one letter to a out of state probate judge and I had one other phone call with him and he said I had to find a attorney in the state where I was probating a will I tried for 6 months to find a attorney in that state and Mr Jackson didn't do anything else he also charge me while I was a client of a previous attorney.
    I kept requesting a accounting for his time and after I fired him I later got a statement with added charges that were for talking with is receptionist and some of the dates were on a sat when they didn't even work. he may have worked 5-6 hours on my case including one appt and one phone call and charged me $3000.
    He didn't have any idea on how to handle my case and then he should owe me a refund for not doing the work .