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Grant Charles Glassford

Grant Glassford’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Hilton

    Completely Unresponsive!

    As far as knowledge, Grant is not a bad attorney, but he has a sort of pissy attitude and he is horrible about keeping you informed and his responsiveness is pathetic. Twice he would not get back with me for extended periods of time despite my leaving him multiple voice mail messages and emails. I had made it clear to him that time was of the essense with my case because when my kids turned 18, the parenting plan was no longer in effect. My kids were 16 at the time.

    The second time he went radio silent on me for about a month and a half, he finally called me and offered a weak apology, but still would not totally own up to the fact it that he had just totally dropped the ball! After this I ask him for an itemized statement of his charges and he said he would get it to me and never did, despite repeated requests for it.

    I would not trust him to keep anything about your case or private life confidential.
    He had me put down a deposit before he started on my case and he got my credit card to charge for his services. He had already gotten paid and he didn't care about supplying me with the info I wanted that I had every right to ask for and receive. Overall, it was a VERY bad experience with Grant.!!

    My advice. There are much better and more responsive divorce attorneys out there. One final bit of advice. Don't trust Grant to keep your personal life or case confidential. He told me some things about another client's personal life and case that I thought really crossed the line as far as attorney/client confidentiality. Very inappropriate to say the least!!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client


    Mr. Glassford took my case and then proceeded to charge me for each of his multiple delays in court (which were his idea). Struggled with simple filings, and seemed extremely slow to respond with answers to my questions. Seemed unprepared when we finally made it to court. Ended up costing me a lot of money that was not necessary. Would not recommend!!