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Daniel Lee McCleave

Daniel McCleave’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a State & Local Law client

    Nice guy, horrible lawyer. Terrible customer service.

    Dan is a nice guy and a horrible lawyer. I paid him upfront to represent my case and he never returned any of my phone calls and then had his receptionist call me the night before the appearance to tell me to come into his office 30 minutes before we were suppose to be in court. Then when we were in his office people basically came in and ended up talking to him the whole time... I want it to be clear I didnt pester him I called five times over a two month period and never received a call back, once I even called and was told to call back in thirty minutes which I did and they had all left the office so I got voicemail. I also want it to be clear I have money and wasnt expecting him to work for free.. I paid him a lot of money and would have paid more and I continuously need legal service due to my line of work but I would sooner hire someone fresh out of law school that returns my calls than pay to be ignored. As far as my case goes, I ended up settling outside of court on my own, due to not getting a returned call.... So, in summary, I basically only spoke to him when he took my case, was completely ignored, and even after the case didnt get a returned call after trying a few more times. A complete waste of money.