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Jeffrey Glenn Blackwell

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  • Suffered A Work-Related Injury? A Few Ways Surveillance Can Be Used Against You.

    If you have a workers’ compensation claim, you should expect surveillance. What should you know about workers’ compensation claims and surveillance? It's a subject I've discussed several times on my b

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  • Importance of Early Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

    Research reveals early treatment for traumatic brain injury (TBI) is important for recovery. Our medical and legal systems create hurdles to that treatment. It's essential your legal counsel understan

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  • Were Xarelto Clinical Trials Corrupted By Misconduct?

    What Is Xarelto? Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) is a relatively new coagulant (blood thinner). The FDA first approved Xarelto in 2011. It is distributed in the United States by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ja

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  • Families Can Take Action In Coping With Brain Injury

    The March calendar means basketball to some and springtime for others. However, March also marks Brain Injury AwarenessMonth. As this month draws to a close, I am focusing on this serious injury that deserves, from a broad perspective, increased national and state awareness.An e...

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  • Alabama Sales Representative's Commission Contracts Act

    The case is all too common. A manufacturer hires an independent sales representative. The sales representative works hard to bring in an important customer. Yet, once the manufacturer thinks the customer relationship is secure, the manufacturer then begins to cut out the sales r...

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  • Four Tips When The Workers' Comp Carrier Has A Lien On Your Client's Personal Injury Lawsuit

    I often handle work-related injuries where the employee receives workers comp but also has a personal injury claim against another party for causing the accident. In these cases, the work comp carrier has a lien on your 3rd party recovery. These issues can be complex. Here are 4 quick tips:

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  • Independent Contractor or Employee? Employers Often Misclassify Workers To Avoid The Law

    What is a true independent contractor? How is an independent contractor different from a regular employee? In some situations, the answer of whether one is independent versus an employee, is obvious. In other situations, the answer is not always clear.What is clear is that some e...

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  • Confidential Settlement Agreements Present A Host Of Problems

    I often read the entries on a blog titled Plaintiff Trial Lawyer Tips. An entry on this blog titled Secrecy in Settlement Negotiations by Paul Luvera discusses a significant issue concerning the settlement of lawsuits. The issue, confidential settlement agreements, is one our fir...

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  • Transvaginal Mesh: Concerns and Questions

    Transvaginal mesh and its complications have caused many women to suffer tremendous pain and disability.

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