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Hendrik Uiterwyk

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    4.0 stars

    Posted by Patrick

    I am not the victim in this case, but I called this law firm for a friend before this atty actually worked there. I was promised and promised aggressive representation for my friend who was injured badly and permanently. It has been 4-1/2 years and he has yet to collect a dime but the whole thing finally goes before a jury in January 2011. It's looking like my friend could actually owe money for simply being in the way of a negligent driver. I have not seen the aggressiveness that I was promised, but in fairness, the jury is still out on this matter. The crash was bad enough, but the HELL that his family has been through over the years is even worse. So far, the insurance companies are rich, the lawyers are wealthy, the doctors are rich and the guy that got hit by the car is TOTALLY broke and so is his aging mother. They say that injury lawyers are raising the cost of insurance. Not true. Insurance companies are the ones that are raising the cost. When you are hurt, be sure that they wont come to you to make it right. They won't pay a dime unless a jury tells them to. No matter what the circumstances. In court, next January, the insurance companies will try to portray my friend as a convicted felon (driving on a suspended license and improper use of a farm vehicle). They will portray him as able to work (He faces his third major surgery in February). They will portray him as having an unstable work history. (He was making $42,000 annually when he was hit by a car) They will portray him as uneducated (He is registered in a community college, but he has his GED) I guess you are only entitled to pain and suffering if you are working, educated, and have a stable work history, unless you have the right lawyer. I was there when all this happened. The kid was working, active, responsible, kind to neighbors and the elderly, respectful and above all, happy. Today he is a broken man. His back and knee hurts frequently, not constantly. He is penniless and somewhat unable to meet his own basic needs. He is depressed to think that the accident has left himself and his working mother in this condition. I have never met Henk Uiterwyk, but I like him. I like him because I don't think he likes insurance companies and the injustice that they distribute. I like him because I think he is a fighter. Look at his photograph. I wouldn't want to fight him. In January we will see if he still has it. I hope that he does. I hate insurance companies.