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Joseph Vincent Priore

Joseph Priore’s client reviews

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  • Excellent attorney who maintains the highest level of professionalism

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cathy

    I am please to have this opportunity to recommend Joe Priore. Joe was very knowledgable about the minutiae regarding the regulations surrounding my case as was able to quickly resolve the situation in the most efficient manner possible. He kept me informed about what was happening and what to expect each step of the way. I felt better knowing that he was on my side. Joe maintains the highest degree of professionalism, and I would not hesitate to recommend him (and in fact have recommended him and his firm to colleagues in the past).

  • Legal Genius

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steven

    Joseph Priore is the EPITOME of competence, professionalism and authenticity. He is the voice of reason and intellect. Mr. Priore has represented me in two separate civil cases which had desirable outcomes. Consulting with Mr. Priore on legal matters has been insightful. His calm demeanor speaks volumes. He is very meticulous with his analysis and always imparts knowledge in a manner that is conducive his clients' success. I have spoken with Mr. Priore on several occasions for advice regarding other potential legal matters and his approach and guidance has ALWAYS elicited satisfactory results. I strongly recommend him without compunction to anyone seeking legal counsel. He is an "A" lister.

  • Attorney recommendation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    Joe has always exhibited total professionalism in all my dealings with him, both corporately and personally.
    Very responsive and very knowledgeable on all matters he has advised me.
    I would highly recommend Joe to anyone needing capable and competent representation.

  • Unforgettable...That's what you are!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Uriel

    1. Mr. Priore Felt on: Properly account for money paid to him as “retainer”.
    2. Estimated Budget jumped from $15,000.00 to $52,000.00 to go to trial.
    3. Mr. Priore felt on careless the Lien negotiation: It is always best to negotiate with a lien holder prior to a case settling. You and your client have maximum leverage when payment is only a prospect and you can argue persuasively that a lien holder's flexibility will be key in getting everyone, including the lien holder, paid.
    4. Mr. Priore Felt at least of ordinary legal skills:
    • His job, and responsibilities as our Lawyer to read, understand, protect, and guide, strike through, abject any document, help, protects our rights.
    • Mr. Priore felt on: Reviewing the Release off all Property Damage Claims and send it to us knowing we will sign it without understanding it.

    5. Helping, and refusing our petition for “MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT” base on Infringement of building and zoning laws. An attorney also has the responsibility to abide by the client’s wishes and decisions about the case.
    6. You keep ignoring our request of avoiding a new Deposition, after we did 36 Hours of Deposition 4 years ago.
    7. Delaying Time: You keep on delaying preparation of simple document like: Settlement to FPL & Guardian. Exhibit XXXXX (44 - forty four days). Motion to Dismiss the Case took a year to set, then 15 minutes on court.
    8. Sending us a copy or Draft of Documents before sending them to the opposite part the Defendant, as we had agreed!.
    9. Let our last PAST two lawyers, related to the case, causing harm and several consequences to us without any punishment all contrary, after several hours of meeting with Matthew Mr. Priore said: “Mr. Matthew talk very high about you and your wife and the meeting was very pleasant.

    Joseph Vincent Priore’s response: “I wish I could fully understand this complaint. Most of it is unintelligible. I did everything I could for this client. Unfortunately, he did not want to pay his bill. Attempted to settle his case on his own to avoid payment. Despite that, he was offered a substantial discount to no avail. Also offered to arbitrate, client refused. Has since been arrested and is awaiting trial.”