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Robin Calfee Lemonidis

Robin Lemonidis’s client reviews

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  • When faced with a no win situation, only the best attorney can move ahead with poise

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rich

    Another attorney that is a friend of mine referred me to Robin. Upon our first meeting, there was a strong sense of trust I had with Robin and it continues through today. She had an impact on everyone at the hearings and including the big day, Robin made a unique presence in the courtroom when it seemed everyone up to that point had already made up their minds. Robin possesses a rare and enviable ability to handle herself in every situation, and more than that, she clearly stays one step ahead. Robin and her office were always responsive to my emails and calls. They work great as a team. They really turned things around for me in my favor. No disputing that.
    You may have to make a choice right now, and I hope my comments help you make the right one. Robin clearly has the experience and sincere interest to guide you through it all. Pick up the phone and talk to her, then listen. Be steadfast, because she sets the tone, well prepared, and and in the end, for me, I am home, where I'm happy to type this 5 star review. More than having no regrets, Robin will quickly earn your deep respect and admiration. Thank you Robin!

  • The Best Around!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristin

    I cannot recommend Ms. Lemonidis enough. My boyfriend and I hired Ms. Lemonidis because he violated felony probation with several additional felonies. We used another lawyer to represent us in the previous cases, and were very displeased with his work ethic. Upon his violation, I knew it was time to find another lawyer. Ms. Lemonidis is caring, intelligent, professional, hardworking, and very good at what she does. She met with us less than 24 hours after having serious foot surgery, and if it wasn’t for the crutches and bandages, I would have had no clue she had undergone surgery. I was so confident that his case was in good hands with her. Not only did she do a superb job fighting in court, she offered the advice and help that my boyfriend needed to change his life. She was a breath of fresh air for us! GREAT GREAT GREAT attorney and person all around!

  • I Highly Recommend Robin Lemonidis!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mrs. Jones

    I'm sad to say my husband & I have been dealing with Brevard County's system for the last few years. We have had some very serious charges and we have hired different attorneys for each case. In 2008 I caught two F1's and a few F3's. A lot of lawyers came up to the jail (without me asking) to give me my free consultation and try to persuade me to pick them. They all gave the same speech as if it was rehearsed. A friend of mine recommended Robin. I called her office and she came to the jail the very next day. She was the only lawyer who actually sat down and listened to what happened to me, took notes, and gave me encouragement that my life wasn't over. Obviously I hired her and I'm so glad I did. Not only did she get one of my F1's dropped but she got me a great plea on everything else. I never had to do any jail time and she got me adjudication withheld so I am not a convicted felon. I could tell she really cared about my case and worked hard to get me the best deal. I also love how she returns every phone call and email. She gave my mom her cell phone number so she could call her after hours with any questions or concerns. She has stuck with me through all my community control and probation. She just got me early terminated from community control, by a judge who supposedly never early terminates. I am so grateful I met her. I would definitely use Robin again in the future if needed. As for my husband...he had a very high profile, expensive lawyer who was not doing anything for his case. Once we payed them, they wouldn't even return our phone calls. I wanted to hire Robin for his cases too but I couldn't because of the conflict of interest since we were co-defendants. But Robin went out of her way and recommended another lawyer for him who was excellent also. Like I said, Robin is passionate about her work and her clients. She really cares and treats you like family. I highly recommend Robin. She will fight for you, listen to you, answer all of your questions, and most important...return your phone calls after you pay her :)

  • Mrs. Lemonidis is an attorney who truly cares about her clients even after your case is resolved.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    As one moves through the journey of life they never think one day the need to retain a criminal attorney may arise. Trying enough to be facing criminal charges, but to find a honest, capable and trustworthy attorney is even more challenging. Prior to retaining Robin Lemonidis my family hired three other attorneys which were eventually fired. Mrs Lemonidis in our first meeting was totally honest in stating" try finalizing your case with your current attorney and in the event it does not workout feel free to call me." How often does that happen that an attorney is concerned about spending your money even before she is retained. What sets Robin apart from the rest is she truly cares about each and everyone of her clients even after the criminal situation is resolved. She lets you know, she is there for you. Empathy is a quality very rarely found in her profession. Her expertise in the area of criminal law is quite extensive. Although petite in stature, she is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. In finalizing my plea agreement she recommended presenting to the Judge why adujification should be withheld, which others in her position never even mentioned. Is it because they are unaware, or the fact that they really do not care. Her entire staff in her office displays the same empathetic disposition. Robin always, as well as her staff returned my phone calls and emails in a courteous and timely manner. She and her staffs professionalism is well beyond a few steps ahead of her peers in Brevard County,Florida. If your in need for a criminal attorney in the future Robin Lemonidis sets herself apart not only from the rest, but the best.


  • Observer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elaine

    I have observed this defense attorney work numerous high profile homicide and manslaughter criminal cases at the Moore Justice Center in Viera. She is not afraid to go to trial and is well prepared when she enters the courtroom. Attorney Lemonidis is responsive to the legal needs of her clients and is respected by her peers.

  • Forget it if you have DUI!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    I had Ms. Lemonidis represent me in a DUI case and she made me feel as though the charges would be dropped, she was very confident that they would be, however, nothing was changed in my case and I got what the mandatory sentence for my DUI would have been. In my opinion she totally over charges for her services and I do not feel that she did all she could do for me to help get my charges dropped or at the least reduced. I know, probably, everyone claims to be innocent, but I however REALLY was!!!! When issues were brought up to her, it seemed as though she dismissed them with comments such as "well sometimes people don't remember what really happened when impaired." So even she appeared to have had no faith in me when I told her I was not impaired, not to mention I have a photographic memory and remember every detail from start to finish of when the cops lights went on until leaving the jail. I was NOT guilty, but I was given no choice but to plead guilty. LIVE AND LEARN!

    Robin Calfee Lemonidis’s response: “This review is likely done by a competitor, hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Every person who says they are innocent is strongly encouraged to go to trial, and counseled on the potential risks, even though they are innocent. The final decision is theirs & theirs alone. No person who seems reluctant to plead is ever bullied into doing so. Real clients call me to express their concerns.”