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Joshua Jonathan Tejes

Joshua Tejes’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Phil

    Sharp, Informative, and Courteous Professional

    Attorney Josh Tejes was very courteous and responsive to all my questions about my case.
    He very clearly described a range of options available to me -- in a way that made me feel
    comfortable and in control. I highly recommend him and his courteous staff.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cliff

    Awesome attorney for an amazing job!

    We had a dispute with our HOA that has spanned several years. We attempted working with them with no luck. They insisted their position was correct, despite evidence that we demonstrated. So we sought an attorney when they tried to foreclose on our home for all the fees they tacked onto our dues.

    Mr. Tejes listened to our case, asked tons of questions, and became our attorney. He pushed the attorneys. He told us what documents we needed, and worked in our behalf to challenge HOA's claims.

    As the case progressed, we discovered that our evidence only proved part of our case. So while we could win, there were several scenarios in which we would have to pay part of what they claimed.

    In Mr. Tejes efforts, he found unique case law that had recently changed that gave us another way for us to win. He drafted the necessary paperwork and sent it to their attorneys. It was nearly instantaneous, their anger. They issued threats and documents. However, they knew they had no case.

    Within just a few weeks, we received a call from Mr. Tejes that they had dropped their pursuit, and we were able to wipe out the unsubstantiated debt.

    About three months after Mr. Tejes had told us about the way the law had changed, giving us the way out we needed, I was listening to an attorney talk show on the radio. He was telling a caller about a new law, and how it would help his case. How it would change everything, and it was totally new.

    Thing was, MY ATTORNEY knew it THREE MONTHS ahead of this guy.

    Now THAT'S an attorney YOU need on YOUR side!!!