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Case Conclusion Date: 01.07.2008

Practice Area: Construction & Development

Outcome: Jury Trial - Defense Verdict in favor of Client

Description: Case involving alleged extensive mold, mildew and water intrusion problems resulting from cracks in the poured-in-place reinforced concrete exterior wall systems of the five-story building. These issues resulted in the partial evacuation of the project, the coating of the exterior wall systems with a reinforced coating system, as well as the replacement of some of the interior finishes, including drywall, carpeting, and ceiling components. Original building cost: $30 million. Remediation costs (including attorney’s fees and costs): $7 million. Mr. Gibson successfully defended the only entities involved in the design and construction process (the architect and structural engineer) that did not suffer a defeat to Owner. The case was tried before a jury in Federal Court. The jury awarded the architect client a defense verdict.

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