I hold Mr. Brockway in the highest esteem. I became acquainted with this lawyer years ago while he was trying a capital felony case. Described as one of the 'victims', Mr. Brockway never regarded me as such and looked beyond my experiences treating me with dignity and respect. He never hesitated to take time out of his schedule to answer questions, offer support, advice and in the end, returned to me that sense of self-worth and safety that had long been missing. While the days spent with this lawyer and his team were at times more difficult than the crime itself, I grew from this experience and still continue to glean wisdom and courage from those days. I felt safe in his care. Often he would look at me with concern and ask how I was doing. I would respond by saying I'm 'thinking.' He would then say, "if you are thinking, I need to be thinking that much harder." Even now when I am contemplating something, I do what I call the "Brockway Pace." It's a great way to put things in perspective and burn off nervous energy. The case ended with the outcome we were seeking. However, in events like this there are no winners, not really. If you need someone on your side, Paul Brockway is your best option and will be your fiercest advocate. He was mine, and my life is better for having been under his protection. His skills, talents and concern are greatly appreciated.