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Gust G Sarris

Gust Sarris’s client reviews

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  • Gust was amazingly helpful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amanda

    I had went to see Gust Sarris and he had given me some amazing advise and I was able to accomplish what I was trying to do. I will definitely be contacting him if I ever need legal help again.

  • Need an Attorney with a MBA?

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Roy

    I have hired Gust Sarris on numerous occasions to handle the many different needs of my business and he has never left me down. What has always impressed me was his entrepreneurial skills and inquisitive nature coupled with his vast knowledge of BUSINESS in general to keep my firm out of hot water. He has helped me with everything from business plans, reviews of my marketing materials and other critical contracts that surround all of us business owners. There are many fine attorneys that I have dealt with around Jacksonville, but I have never found one that has the business savvy and experience that Gust brings to the table.

  • My review of attorney Gust Sarris

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Randy

    Gust Sarris is a very knowledgable attorney with outstanding ethical practices. Gust is helpful and caring of his clients situations and holds all matters in the strictest confidence. I consider Gust my family's attorney and would highly reccomend him to any of my friends, family and associates. Gust is direct and kind and explains things in an understandable manner.

  • Unsatisfied Former Client

    3.0 stars

    Posted by a Estate Planning client

    My business relationship with Mr. Saris started in July 2009 and included a new client fee of $750 which I paid in August 2009 plus $200 per month paid from August 2009 through April 2010. The recurring fee covered the cost of a one hour meeting each month and entitled me to a discount on the cost of any litigation.

    We met five times in the first seven months on 7/24/09, 8/6/09, 8/20/09, 11/3/09 and 1/29/09. At these meetings we discussed various legal questions faced by my businesses. I was generally satisfied with the outcome of these meetings; however, he was very poor and responding to email inquiries. I often had to ask the same question in two meetings before it was addressed.

    During our meeting on 2/15/10 we talked about estate planning. In advance of the meeting I completed his estate planning questionnaire. We talked for about 2 hours. At the time I paid a fee of $2,750 for estate planning services. I expected that Mr. Saris would prepare an estate plan based on the information he gathered through the questionnaire and interview.

    We did not meet at all in March or April. Regardless, I paid the $200 monthly fee these months. I thought Mr. Saris was busy creating a complex estate plan.

    We met again on 5/28/10 to review the estate plan. We talked for about an hour but mostly we covered the same subjects as the first meeting. Mr. Saris had not prepared any documents nor made any plans based on the results of our first meeting. He came to the meeting with a blank piece of paper. Two and a half months after I paid for estate planning services nothing had been accomplished.

    When I looked back over these events I felt that I did not get any extra service for the $2,750 fee. We had only 7 meetings during the 11 months we were working together. No documents were drawn up for the estate plan. Even though we spent some time talking about estate plans we did not utilize any more of your time than the regular maintenance fee would allow.

    On 6/16/10 I asked Mr. Saris to refund the $2,750 estate planning fee. On 7/4/10 I asked about the status of the refund request and Mr. Saris said he would work on evaluating the situation ‘this week’. On 8/5/10 I asked again about the status of my refund request. This time, Mr. Saris indicated that he needed to take the issue up at a partner meeting which will be held ‘next week’. On 9/17/10 Mr. Saris offered a 50% refund of the estate planning fee. I accepted his offer but it took several more emails and four more weeks for me to receive a $1,300 check.

    In summary, I paid $2,750 in February for ‘estate planning services’. After 4 months Mr. Saris had delivered no documents of any kind. I asked for a refund. It took 4 more months to get less than half of my money back. I think that Mr. Saris should have quickly refunded the entire estate planning fee even though it was called a ‘non-refundable fee’.

    Gust G Sarris’s response: “It is unfortunate that we cannot please all of our clients all the time. At Affinity we practice about 10 broad categories of law. The only non-refundable deposits we do on a regular basis are for estate plans. This is due to many people changing their mind after speaking to their children, or the inability to be able to decide what they would truly would like. I currently have over 25+ estate plans that have been finished and only awaiting final signatures. Unfortunately this is very common. I refunded your money because you were a loyal client - not because of any duty I had or legal obligation. I did this in good faith. We did do extensive work on your 4 estate plans which I discounted heavily ( your 4 trusts would normally be over $10,000), including providing many suggestions for your family's estate. I am sorry that after agreeing to refund your money, which I did voluntarily, you feel the need to respond negatively. I wish you well and am sorry you have bad feeling towards me. I will be happy to complete your plan at no additional charge as we have the 90% of work completed and I believe you should have a completed estate plan. I wish you well. - Gust Sarris”
  • Trusted Advisor for Vistage Jacksonville

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Gust has worked with many of our members in Jacksonville.
    His dedication to helping Entrepreneurs sort through the complexities of the law and the proper set up of a firm has been displayed on many occasions..

  • Valuable Business Asset

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    Gust was imperative to the establishment of our Corporation.

    I was in need of legal consultation/representation to establish a unique business and was worried the initial corporate structuring would be difficult. Gust's thorough knowledge of corporate structure and business principles made the process simpler. Our corporation is now on its way to success thanks to Gust and his qualified staff!

  • Willing to step to the plate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    An organization I belong to recently had a big dilemma. The person representing several of our members in a property valuation protest suddenly passed away. Mr. Sarris, on short notice, stepped up and took on our cause right in the middle of the process. He went on and did a fine job of representing us and without asking for any other funds than what had been allocated for the first person.

  • A lawyer that will get it done.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nathan

    I definately recommend Gust Sarris to anyone seeking legal advice. I have found him to be sincere,responsive and successful in accomplishing the various opportunities and challenges I have experienced over the 20 years I have known him. Even though it may be months between meetings or discussions I know that he'll take my call and move quickly to capitalize on or resolve the need at hand.

  • Trustworthy and knowledgeable legal advice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

    I contacted Mr. Gust Sarris and his firm regarding setting up my start up business. I am so happy that I did. Within a 15 minute conversation he opened up my eyes to certain aspects of my business that would have left me vulnerable to being sued. I talked to other law firms previously but was not satisfied with the way I was being treated nor did they ever bring up any of these vulnerabilities. You know, small fish, big pond, ect. From now on I know where I need to go for legal advice.

  • Great Business Advice!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I went to see Gust Sarris to discuss a new business entity with six other women in six different states. Of course, we were talking about setting up the company right away. Gust brought so many issues to my attention that I hadn't thought of which are extremely important - especially if the busines becomes as successful as we hope it will. I am so glad that I talked to him before proceeding with a legal entity. We are putting the creation of the business on hold until we have all of our ducks in a row. When the time comes, I will go back to Gust for all of the legal needs of the business. He is an very astute businessman as well as a lawyer.