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Jessica Smith v. Katrina Partee and John Doe

Practice Area: Car Accidents

Outcome: Plaintiff for $35,642.88,

Description: TRIAL DATE: August 13-14, 2008 VERDICT: Plaintiff for $35,642.88, broken down as follows: $8,710.88 for Medical Expenses, $4,312.00 for Lost Income, $22,620.00 for Pain and Suffering, with fault allocated 90% to Defendant Partee and 10% to Defendant Doe CLAIMED MEDICAL EXPENSES: $8,710.88 CLAIMED LOST INCOME: $4,312.00 INSURANCE CARRIERS: Allstate Insurance Company and Progressive Max Insurance Company LAST PRE TRIAL OFFER/DEMAND: $11,250.00/$25,000.00 PLAINTIFF’S ATTORNEYS: George O. Haskell, IV and Anthony Kalka

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