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  • Can I still filed suit in Alabama?

    Asked by a user in Tuscaloosa, AL - over 3 years ago.

    There are certain considerations which can extend the statute of limitations but you don't appear to fall into their categories. Also, most states have something called the statute of repose which is...

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  • I confronted a workers comp PI today,what to expect next?

    Asked by a user in Stockbridge, GA - almost 3 years ago.

    every time you see them, call the police and report you're afraid for your safety because unknown people are following you. That will eventually bring it to an end.

  • Wrongful car accident death

    Asked by a user in Baton Rouge, LA - about 3 years ago.

    anyone can file suit as next friend of the son. Whoever is appointed the son's guardian however probably can take control of the suit.

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  • Is there any plaintiff only legal malpractice attorneys out there?

    Asked by a user in Chicago, IL - over 3 years ago.

    The best way to find a legal malpractice lawyer would be to do a verdict survey for your area, using search terms such a legal malpractice. You should see certain names appearing more frequently and...

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