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I confronted a workers comp PI today,what to expect next?

Stockbridge, GA |

i have been watched for they followed me all the way to my sons school and back so i blocked them in at a gas station and confronted them.i got there tag number and caused a little seen.they follow me everywhere and i just noticed them about 3 weeks they keep on until they find something?or even if they found something would they still continue?now that i confronted them they dont sit out in front of the house anymore but i still had one tail me through town this afternoon.what can i expect next?

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Surveillance is frequently done in workers compensation cases. Generally speaking, yes they continue until they obtain video that they believe will be helpful. The issue for them is that they may follow one for an extended period of time and only use a short clip, and this diminishes their credibility where they do not film or offer the majority of the observations that they do make. Where keystone-cops type surveillance crews dog my clients I have recommended that they call the police. However, unless you are careful you could get sandbagged at a hearing.


Be careful. They will take ten seconds of video from weeks of surveillance and take it out of a context. I had a client that they filmed riding a mountain bike down a hill -on pavement- and it severely impacted his case. Call the Henry County police and tell them this guy is stalking you. Remember don't do anything that could be misconstrued especially if it hurts while you are doing it. Hire a workers compensation lawyer immediately if you don't already have one.

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Did the person admit to following you? You dont want to let them provoke you into anything that can harm you or get you charged with assault. You probably do need a lawyer if you dont already have one. If you do not want to hire one now, send the claims adjuster a letter or email telling them that you know they are having you followed, that you are not doing anything wrong, and that they need to stop.


I know this makes you angry but consider this. The more money they spend on your case (assuming the PI does not get anything inconsistent with your injury) the more they will eventually be willing to settle your case for. If they really have spent 3 weeks watching you, at some point a supervisor is going to tell them that they are spending too much and they need to settle. I tell clients when they spot surveillance to ignore them and let them video them not doing anything inconsistent. They like to get you with bags of groceries in your hands so be sure you only handle what you can safely carrier. Let them get the adjuster the evidence they need to pay you money (provided you are at maximum medical improvement). I grew up in Stockbridge. Call me and I will be glad to answer your questions.


every time you see them, call the police and report you're afraid for your safety because unknown people are following you. That will eventually bring it to an end.

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