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D. P., Jr. v. Sonyika, et al., State Court of Fulton County, Georgia

Case Conclusion Date: 07.27.2009

Practice Area: Medical Malpractice

Outcome: Jury verdict for 2.3 million dollars ($2,300,000.00)

Description: Plaintiffs alleged Infant lost significant portion of glans penis in a Mogen clamp circumcision shortly after birth. Plaintiffs alleged that circumcising doctor was negligent in performing the circumcision and in her follow-up care, that hospital personnel were negligent in failing to obtain proper care for the infant, and that the child's pediatrician was negligent for failing to come into the hospital to examine the child when she was informed by the hospital nurse of the problem. Nurse had retained severed portion of glans penis, which was allowed to die. Plaintiffs alleged that pediatric urologist should have been consulted and that reattachment should have been attempted with likely excellent results. Claims were for permanent disfigurement and psychiatric counseling necessary to allow the child to have as normal a life as possible. Verdict in favor of the plaintiffs against the circumcising doctor, the pediatrician, and their professional corporations. Hospital was found not liable. Jury awarded the child $1,800,000 and the mother $500,000 for psychiatric care while the child is a minor. The court reduced the award to the mother by $45,000 to conform to the evidence.

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