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Gary Hale Gerstenfield

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Clyde

    Hired Attorney

    Thanks guys

    Went to court on Friday and I'm here to type a review about this law of office of Gary Gerstenfeild and team cause that's what it is a team. I met this gentleman by the name of Robert today who represented me and I will tell you this man came through great confidence, took his time spoke with me and answered all my questions with great ease. I felt I had a lot to loose with this being my third and yes I said third DWI. With that being said I left today with unsupervised probation and I have to complete a rehab class. I'm glad I'm still employed and I get to take care of my two babies I thank the team of Gary law offices forever. Thanks guys your the greatest!!!

    Gary Hale Gerstenfield’s response: “Dear Clyde, thanks for taking time to share your experience. Robert & I are thrilled that you will keep your job and continue to provide for your family. I urge that you always remember your promise you made to yourself; always have a plan if you're going to drink to get home without driving. Warm regards, Gary”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cassandra


    Absolutely brilliant. Gary is exceptional at what he does, if you are in a sticky situation and need the best, look no further. The man is a pleasure to work with, he saved my college career, actually more so my entire professional life ahead of me. He is one of the best lawyers in the state of Maryland and you will realize that the moment he walks into the courtroom and runs it. If you are reading this, pick up the phone and call him know for a consultation, he is who you want.

    Gary Hale Gerstenfield’s response: “Dear Cassandra, Wow, I thank you for your kind recommendation. I am glad that I was able to help. You took a lot of important steps both for the school and the court which made an important difference. I wish you much success on your path! Warm regards, Gary”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Anonymous Fox

    Troubles at College Park

    I came to Gary as a result of some really terrible and mostly stupid choices I had made, which landed me in trouble at school as well as with the law. He was able to help with both. With his prior experience with school officials, he was able to advise me and speak on my behalf such that I was able to continue school and not get kicked out.Although the legal issues took much longer to resolve, he was able to resolve them as well. He got most of my charges dismissed and the remaining one reduced to a misdemeanor rather than a felony and I received a PBJ instead of a conviction. It will be off my record soon enough.Gary is experienced, confident, and is well-respected in our community and has a lot of ties with the legal community, which, I think, is part of the reason my case was resolved so benevolently. Aside from all of this, he was entirely honest (brutally so, maybe) with me throughout the process and, although he can be long-winded at times, he gave me a stern lecture and talking to that I definitely needed so that I walk away from all this not only unfettered by a criminal record, but wiser because of it.Also, is it just me, or does Gary look a bit like George Stephanopoulos?

    Gary Hale Gerstenfield’s response: “Dear Ms. Fox, I always thought I looked more like a cross between Brad Pitt & George Clooney, LOL! College is about making mistakes and learning from them. I know that you're smarter, stronger and unlike many recent college grads, employed! Stay well & much success, Gary”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Highly Recommend

    After getting charged with "CDS Possess with Intent to Distribute" for marijuana, I knew I had to not only get a lawyer but a reputable one. I wanted to hire a relentless attorney; one who truly dedicates himself for the most favorable outcome. One that genuinely understands that sometimes a productive member of society can make a mistake and deserve a second chance. I must say that I am very thankful to have hired Gary Gerstenfield to represent on my behalf. He actually exceeded my expectations and was able to get the charges dropped. I would highly recommend Mr. Gerstenfield if you've been charged with a criminal offense.

    Gary Hale Gerstenfield’s response: “Dear John, Thanks for your warm comments. You have a great work history and a wonderful and supportive family. There are a lot of reasons why the case went so well. But the truth is that it mostly had to do with you! Stay well and regards, Gary”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Toba

    Muy amistoso y persuasivo!

    Este es el mayor Abogado en DMV, muy amistoso y persuasivo! 11 trafico/gastos criminales se cayo -penalidad de 0 dolares, NOLLE PROSEQUI! Trabajo le dan 5 estrellas repatidas veces.

    Gary Hale Gerstenfield’s response: “Dear Toba, Thank you for writing a review in Spanish! You are eloquent in any language. Mantenerse bien mi amigo, Gary”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sam

    Very Happy

    Gary and his staff are hands down the best. After consulting with several other attorneys and being told my case was hopeless, I found Gary's law firm via a Google search and was impressed by the great reviews. Gary's staff worked on my behalf for over a year, and Gary himself personally represented me in court with outstanding results. He was able to get a 4 year old conviction overturned! Other lawyers told me my case was hopeless because the timeframe for filing for an appeal or reconsideration had expired years prior. Gary prevailed where others weren't willing to to even try! Now I can truthfully answer, "No, I have not been convicted of a crime." I feel like my honor has been restored.If you want to be represented by the best, go with the Law Offices of Gary Gerstenfield. Thank you so much again Gary!

    Gary Hale Gerstenfield’s response: “Dear Sam, what a nice comment! My staff & i recognized how important this was for you. As you pointed out in our first meeting, having a criminal record can get in the way of important goals. I am glad that this roadblock has been removed! Stay well and regards, Gary”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bert

    Amazing lawyer and fun to be around!

    Amazing lawyer and fun to be around which makes you comfortable around him.i went to court on 2 different occasions with gary and the charges were dropped the 1st time .The second time i went in at 9am called up 1st and he had case dismissed. we left court in 20mins.i will go back to this lawyer again and again and will highly recommend this lawyer to any one with any legal issues.the best i ever met

    Gary Hale Gerstenfield’s response: “Dear Bert, Thank you for writing a review. I am glad for the good result in the case and I have to say that you're fun to be around with too! Warm regards, Gary”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by U of MD Student

    Robert Demirji is the Man!

    Gary and his staff did a wonderful job working with me, as well as reassuring me and my family. My attorney Robert Demirji just represented me on many traffic violations. He saved me from a great deal of hardship and protected my future!! He is an EXCELLENT attorney!!

    Gary Hale Gerstenfield’s response: “I agree! Robert is a wonderful lawyer. He is very innovative and technical in his approach. Have a great Summer; neither you nor your family need worry about this case anymore. Stay well, Gary.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Vanessa H.

    Helped my Sister!

    in the last week
    I was devastated to learn that my sister was falsely accused of assault knowing that she was really the victim of domestic violence. As soon as she spoke to Gary, I knew there was hope and that she would be ok. Gary is a phenomenal attorney. He is very personable, made us feel comfortable, immediately began working on her case, and kept us informed throughout the entire process to get her name cleared. His assistant also communicated with my sister, and was very pleasant.and professional. I can't thank you enough Gary for your excellent work in getting the case closed quickly. If you are in the need of a defense attorney, please look no further. Contact Gary's office immediately, and you will be glad you did. (P.S. I wish I could give more than five stars :-).

    Gary Hale Gerstenfield’s response: “Dear Vanessa, Your sister is very lucky to know that you will always have "her back". I thank you for your comments and it is wonderful that we were quickly able to cancel the arrest warrant and clear her name. Very warm regards, Gary”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Niurka


    Vindication !!!!! I was falsely accused by the father of my children. I am completely innocent.The accusations were completely made up. The parties involved lied on the stand. I was perplexed about how this could be my reality. Mr Gerstenfield walked in to the court room and defended me,my life ,my reputation and my honor. No pleas, no negotiations were on the table for us. For the first time, I felt like my attorney really cared about my situation and what was at stake here. I have worked with many other attorneys in the past but Mr Gerstenfield really cares, and is focused and engaged. I woud highly recommend Mr Gerstenfeld to family, friends or anyone who really needs an attorney that will work hard for your interests. I would also like to add that his office staff are also just as deligent and engaging as he is. The service I received was exceptional. Thank you Mr Gerstenfield!!!!!!!!!!

    Gary Hale Gerstenfield’s response: “Dear Niurka, I thank you for your kind words but the truth is my job was pretty easy. You are a great mom and you have wonderful children. My objective was to reveal to the Court your true character and expose the lack of honesty of your accuser. Acquittal was in the bag. Stay well & warm regards, Gary.”