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Maribel LaFontaine

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandrene Bathersfield

    My Stepson

    My husband and I were referred to the Law Office of Maribel Lafontaine by a friend after USCIS declined our petition for my stepson. From our first visit we were treated with respect and assured that our case is valid and should not have been declined based on my husband's relationship with his son. We were given excellent advise and our case was treated expeditiously and with professionalism.
    Today my stepson has migrated and has been reunited with his dad.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Calvin

    Certificate of Derived US Citizenship

    After nearlly a decade of unsuccessful efforts on my own, I engaged Ms. LaFontaine to assist me with verifying and certifying my derived US Citizenship (my Dad became a Naturalized citizen while I was a child). It's a complicated and lengthy process that I don't recommend anyone to try alone. Ms. LaFontaine and her assistant Jackie Parra walked me through process, filed my papers and very patiently and tactfully handled my many anxious inquiries. I am forver granteful to Ms. Lafontaine, Jackie and the entire law office team. Very highly recommended!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Evelyn

    Great Experience!!!!

    My husband and I were looking for an immigration lawyer to help us fix his immigration status and were recommended to Maribel back in 2012. We scheduled an appointment to speak with her so she can go over how the process was gonna go i liked that i was told up front of all fees and payment that we would have to make, after a few days we decided that we would start the process. We are now happy to say that my husband is a U.S. resident and the process went so smoothly her assistant Jackie was very attentive to all our questions and concerns and always gave us hope and encouragement that everything was going great. Thanks to everyone who helped in our process your hard work and dedication has changed our family's future for the better!!!!! and i will definitely and already am recommending your office to family and friends!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Livija

    Best Immigration Lawyer !

    After a previously terrible experience with immigration lawyers I did extensive research and interviewed a variety of immigration law firms before choosing attorney Maribele LaFontaine.
    Mrs. Maribele LaFontaine went above and beyond my expectations, she explained the entire process, were up front honest about everything . After all she made what seemed impossible to me , possible.
    Her legal assistant Cindy replied to my every email and answered every phone call during the process and really kept me up to date through every step.  She is absolutely Fantastic .
    This law firm really care about their clients and I'm extremely happy that I found them . Thank you so much. You changed my life forever and for that I'm grateful. I'm glad that I am finally US Permanent Resident after 16 long years and I will use your services again when time come for me to become a Citizen.
    I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Fanta

    She Gave Me Hope

    After nearly ten years of unsuccessful attempts and heart ache in trying to settle my immigration status I began considering other options and life outside of the United States. Things became even more complex when I was placed on deportation status. Not only did I have to prove my lawful entry into the united states but I also had to deal with my fear of possibly leaving my family behind.
    As a result of years of minimal progress with my case, my mother suggested that I consult with Attorney Maribel LaFontaine. I presented my EXTREMELY complecated case to her and she did exactly what she promised, and that was to do her absolute best to help me resolve my case. Unlike other attorneys she along with her team supported me and cared about my quality of life. As we tackled the case, she kept me in tuned with every detail pertaining to my case. She managed to achieve things that previous attorneys were unsuccessful at, it was because she studied the case and truly cared. The level of professionalism offered at this firm is top notch. Successfully "we" won the case and I was granted a chance to proceed with my life in the states.
    Please if you are seeking an attorney that can truly give you the very best legal advice and support, your search ends here because she has what it takes. I have great appreciation in the outcome of my case....Thank You Loads!!!!!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mario

    Recommendation for Maribel LaFontaine

    After speaking with a few different lawyers about our situation, my wife and I found Ms. LaFontaine. She was upfront about the chances of there being a positive outcome in my case. I was undocumented in this country and I wanted to correct my status in the U.S., but even though my wife is a U.S. born citizen, she made it clear to us that it would be very difficult. We knew from the very beginning that I would have to return to my home country to await the decision on if my application for Waiver would be approved. After submitting all documentation, I did have to go to my home country, but I was back in the U.S. within 6 months. This is all thanks to Ms. LaFontaine and her attention to detail and dedication to each and every client.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Anne

    The Attorney anybody in a delicate situation would appreciate to have

    I had a very tough immigration case based on an asylum status. I had already met two immigration lawers who had told me we would lose the case. She was my last chance. The case was not easy first because of a lack of documentation, secondly my testimony was based on my family's who was back home. Thirdly, I had a two years back home immigration requirement. Ms. Lafontaine showed her honesty by being franck with me. She showed me my chances of being granted asylum. I appreciated that. It helped me balance my expectations and take it seriously. As I was in the US during the war in my country, it was difficult to prove personal harm and threat. In spite of the authorities in my country concealing the truth, Ms. Lafontaine found the necessary resources to document my case. She paid attention to the tiniest details. She insisted on honesty and required all the evidence. She made her own reseach and double checked every assertion. My case was so well documented that it was handled by the immigration services in less than one month. What is more, the dramatic situation of my family was so well rendered that the immigration officer advised me to hurry and save my family.