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Patrick J Hoover

Patrick Hoover’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Norman

    Great Lawyer, Patrick Hoover

    Patrick was very skillful helping my son through his legal difficulties. His advice, negotiation, and relationships were instrumental to my son. Now my son is entering Medical School thanks to Pat.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Education client

    Patrick Hoover confirms every negative stereotype about lawyers!

    When we hired him, Patrick explained how he worked and at that point we agreed to his terms, which were $300/hr billed in minimum increments of 6 minutes. He asked us to send a photo of our son because he "likes" to see whom he works for! Great, we thought. A lawyer who cares. To our surprise the first billing statement read: $30.00 to review picture of son!!!! Every call that did not go through to the school, teachers and so that lasted maybe 30 seconds got billed at the rate for 6 minutes, i.e. $30.00. In addition, he had an associate attorney (not even a real lawyer) do all the work, whom he probably paid $75.00 an hour. Talk about double leverage of your time! He called the wrong school, forgot things we told him, and performed completely unneccessary tasks that we paid dearly for.

    Patrick J Hoover’s response: “Far more interested in finding fault in my usual perfrmqhcand with under my staff, unusually unfair with Johninventing bogus, non-issues and imagined slights to complain about and revisit ad naseum, Instead of providing complete payment owed for legal services rendered per the attorney-client signed agreement, or,having the common courtesy to make some explanation as to when I would see my unpaid attorneys fees. The reviewer/dad was rightly worried for his boy and both father and son badly needed the help of a. good attorney , experienced. In. Juvenile defense and school la representation. It was imperative to mount the deference without delay to defend against the charges brought by the police, as well, to make every effort I order to get the kid back in school ASAP. The anonymous, rAvvo reviewers,, was in fact father of the teen son I was hired to represent in both jJuvenile court and before the administrative offices of the local school system. Unfortunately, the dad/reviewer chose to criticize , belittle and undermined my efforts, for reasons then unknown. Better this dad had worked with me and the other professionals who worked on the case but rather than assisting me in the defense of his son the father was singularly offensive, interfered with my representation of the boy and made matters much harder. Nevertheless, the ultimate outcome could not have been any better. None of the scary possibilities imagined by both the young client and his fathers, ever happened.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    Great Lawyer

    I got into some legal trouble and needed to find a good lawyer fast. After meeting with 4 different lawyers I met Mr. Hoover and was immediately impressed. He laid out everything that was going to happen in simple terms and seemed trustworthy. After hiring him he immediately began to work on my case and send me regular updates.

    Prior to going to court he emailed employees for the state department and got me into a probation before judgment program (PBJ.)

    As a result of this the judge expunged everything from my record very quickly and easily. I would recommend Mr. Hoover to my friends and family in a heart beat.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Juvenile client

    Great attorney, completely worth the price

    I hired Patrick Hoover to help my son who got in trouble with his school for having marijuana on school property. I went in for a consultation before my son's expulsion meeting and hired Mr. Hoover. He went through the whole process with me before hand and assured me that it should go rather smoothly since my son did not have that much pot on him. He was right. Mr. Hoover knew everyone at the meeting and seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He spoke up for my son and stood up for his right to a free and appropriate public education. He got my son back in school within the next day with a mere slap on the wrist and no suspension. He also went to the intake conference with us at the Department of Juvenile Services and got the intake officer to keep it from going to court. Overall, Mr. Hoover was an excellent attorney. He knew exactly what to say and I felt completely at ease knowing he was defending my son. He got my son back in school and kept him from having to go through the juvenile court system. I couldn't ask for a better attorney.