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Francis Urso’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jean Marie <3


    Frank Urso is the most professional and pleasant attorney to work with. His years of schooling and experience, including the many outstanding awards Frank has achieved and earned, make him the most Dedicated and Popular Lawyer in Delaware County and Chester County. Frank is the most responsible, trustworthy and knowledgeable man and takes his work to heart. Frank will stand by you and guide you through every part of the process, he will give you the BEST advice there is for any case situation. Frank will also see you through and continue to follow up with you and your case, better than any attorney I have worked with. Frank will take the worst case situation ever and with his kindness and dedication make you feel better about it and much more relaxed. His Professional tactics are amazing and incredible to hear and watch, first hand. Frank will take any case at hand and make it worth it for you. Franks every moment he spends doing his job is absolutely amazingly and thorough. My hat is off to you Frank! Thank you! You are The Best and One Amazing Attorney and you are the Man! Delaware County's Most Dedicated and Best Attorney there is! I highly recommend Frank Urso to handle any case or situation you need a lawyer for.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sherry

    When it comes to a divorce Frank's the man!

    Take this from experience. I am currently going through a divorce for almost 3 years now and Frank Urso is the very very best and my case isn't even over with yet. I have been through several lawyers both in Philadelphia and Media and I have one thing to say about most and that is that when the money gets short so do the services. No compassion, no information and no outcome. Divorce lawyers are thieves is what i have found, take your money, do nothing except drag things out forever and keep collecting people's life savings. More so them knowing all along that at this stage of the game between grief of the divorce itself, and desperation, they seem to pray on only what you have monetary, sell you hope and when you run out of money they move on to the next sucker. Leaving you loosing everything you have, along with your insanity, yet taking people's vulnerability for weakness and leaving them empty and alone. No better off then the day when you walk in there. It is the truth "the only one that wins are the lawyers " in divorces.. Frank Urso is a rare breed, he fights for what is right and it's not all about the money. Frank is probably one of the most respected divorce attorney's in Media and served as a "Master" for several years. Maybe that is what makes him human because he sat on the bench and I am sure has saw it all. He cares and that is what makes all the difference in the world. "Thank God" their is someone out there that treats you with concern and isn't all about the money!! He's the best!! His associate attorney Anna teats you just the same, not only to speak about his great team of para-legals he has in place. That all says something about the man and his character!! Hats off to you Frank!