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Jennifer Anne Stiller

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by john Havelin

    I definitely found the right person to help me through a difficult situation

    To whomever reads this:
    Ms. Stiller proved to be a Godsend to me. I found myself in need of some expert legal assistance because of a mistake I made on the job--which threatened my license and my ability to continue practicing in my profession (I am an R.N.)
    I asked people I knew and worked with--and no one really had any references to make for me. So, I looked on the web to try to find someone who was suitable to help me with my case. I searched the internet and found someone who said that she worked specifically with medical cases for nearly 30 years, so I thought that with credentials like that she would at least be a good place to start.
    We met and by the end of our first meeting I knew that I had found the perfect person to assist me with my case. She listened to me as I laid out the details of what happened, and she understood--both how I felt, and what would likely happen as we worked our way toward a settlement. She shared with me the various possibilities and how she would work to bring this burden that I was feeling toward an acceptable resolution.
    Of course, as is typically the case--the wheels of justice turned slowly and a quick solution was not in the cards... But, month in and month out Ms. Stiller was faithful not only in pursuing a deal with the Prosecutor but also with keeping me abreast with her progress--or at least her diligent and well intentioned attempts to make progress! (Let there be no misunderstanding--the length of time it took to put this all behind me was in no way, shape or form attributable to either myself or my attorney. But, just as it takes two to "tango" it also takes two to reach an agreement which is amenable to both.)
    Throughout the months that elapsed between that first meeting we had--and the day when a final proposal was reached between Ms. Stiller and the Prosecutor (and subsequently accepted by the State Nursing Board)--her efforts to champion my cause provided me with a great sense of peace in my mind. Without her services the whole process would have been much more distressing, and very likely would not have turned out as favorably as it did.
    I was definitely at fault and did not seek nor did I expect a complete "pass" for what I'd done. But, I am relieved to say that with Ms. Stiller's assistance the whole matter turned out a whole lot better than it would otherwise have done. For that I shall always be grateful to her.
    Heaven forbid that any of my present or future colleagues should ever find themselves in a situation bearing any resemblance whatsoever to mine... but, if any one did--I would recommend they avail themselves of Jennifer Stiller's services in the strongest terms I could muster.