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Susan Sovie’s client reviews

     4.0 stars 2 total

Review Susan Sovie
  • Dedicated to the children she serves

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Vicky

    Sue Sovie is an extremely dedicated Law gaurdian. She has been involved in my children's lives for over a decade. Although I was not fond of many decisions that were made for my children I can see now why they were made and how each and everyone of them were in the best interest of my children. She is in tuned to how children feel and how some parents (like myself) need some extra guidance to become better parents. Without someone like Sue Sovie protecting my children I could have continued years not realizing fully how each and everone of my choices affected my children. Because of Ms. Sovie's decisions over my children was I able to stand tall and become the mother GOD ment for me to be. Thank you, Sue!!

  • Her health has started to affect her work

    3.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    Unfortunately, I have watched this woman in the court room for approximatey a year. Her health is deteriorating from her Lupus and she constantly stops the court to accomodate herself. I have seen her make hasty decisions when I don't think she even looked into the child's background. One to two visits in a year span is not acceptable. Someone like her should not be making life decisions for children when she is not healthy enough to do the job. I recently saw her at a friend's trial. She caused many recesses because her doctor was calling her during the trial and she had to take the call. I think she needs to worry more about her health and well being than making custody decions when she doesn't really get to know the family or child. I think it is a dis-service to Jefferson County for any family that gets her as an appointed law guardian. She is not capable of doing her job at all.
    I would never pay money for her services and would hope I would never get her as an appointed attorney either. She is letting her clients down.