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People of the State of New York v. A. Latino et. al.

Case Conclusion Date: 10.20.2008

Practice Area: Violent Crime

Outcome: Defendant acquitted of all counts and charges

Description: Police arrested my client after they allegedly saw him and two others enter a home in a burglary. Two police officers alleged that the saw the clients at the scene and enter the home or leave the residence. In the vehicle they allegedly found burglary tools, pry bars, masks, gloves, wigs and a police radio receiver tuned to the frequency used by the 109 and 111 Pct. in NY. They also charged the clients with possession of the radio, and burglary tools and a small amount of Marijuana that they also found in the car. Additionally, the Queens "Blast unit" a special anti-burglary team in northern Queens County in NY, had placed a GPS device on the vehicle the client was allegedly driving within. Through thorough cross examination, the jury understood that the clients were very likely not at the scene of the crime and that they were guilty of being in the vicinity of a crime scene. Further the jury was faced with the fact that the Police (Queens NY Blast unit) may have become so frustrated with their surveillance that they may have arrested the defendants and then committed the burglary themselves to cover the money they wasted on the GPS Surveillance and backup. After about a day of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of Not guilty to Burglary , Possession of Burglary Tools, Possession of a Police Scanner with the Intent to Use it in a Crime, and Possession of Marijuana.

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