USA v. Doug Alfieri

Anthony John Colleluori

Case Conclusion Date:June 28, 2006

Practice Area:White Collar Crime

Outcome:Client sentenced to Home Detention

Description:Mr. Alfieri was charged in a "pump and dump" scheme with Securities Fraud. He pled guilty and received a sentencing recommendation of 21 months. Mr. Colleluori travelled to Washington DC to watch the US Supreme Court arguments in US v. Booker/FanFan. After watching the arugment he urged Mr. Alfieri to wait on sentence until after the decision on US v. Booker and FanFan was released. Sure enough, Mr. Colleluori was right and the dreaded US Sentencing Guidelines were rendered advisory. Thereafter, Mr. Colleluori teamed with Ted Simon of Philadelphia Pa. and submitted an 80 page presentence report which convinced the court to depart from the guidelines and sentence Mr. Alferi to 6 months of home detention and 5 years probation. Colleluori also convinced the Deputy US Attorney to agree with the facts if not the conclusions in the Defense pre-sentence report.