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People v. David Malone

Case Conclusion Date: 10.14.2005

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: 17-Life for Murder 2nd

Description: Mr. Malone was charged with beating and stabbing his wife to death while their three children were in the house at the time. It was a very high profile case that was on 20/20 and other news outlets due to the sensitivity of the public to the children being made orphans by their father. The DA wanted to give him no reduction in the charge due to the sensationalism of the case and the plight of the children. However, after extensive negotiations and effective defense work, they eventually agreed to reduce his sentence to 17 years to life. This was a major victory under the circumstances for the Defendant due to the circumstances and the public outcry for justice. It was a fair and reasonable outcome for the client as well as the family of the deceased wife.

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