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Patricia Serafinn’s client reviews

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    Posted by Carol

    Run do not walk away from P. Serafinn. She is untrustworthy and once her retainer is received and deposited you will be ignored. she is completely unresponsive, does not return phone calls and does not respond to emails. I once had to engage another attorney to simply find out if she was still alive since I had not received any response from her for over a year. She was retained to assist with debt settlement issues in 2007 and, at that time, an escrow account, containing MY money, was established to settle these matters. She has ignored my recent requests for funds from MY account which contains MY money. Since August, 2012 I have sent her SIX requests for funds from MY account and have yet to receive a response. (This is NOT a trust fund being managed by her; it is an escrow account over which I have ultimate control regarding disbursements not Ms. Serafinn. This account was established with MY money so she could use it to settle legal debt matters on my behalf. She has no control over these funds other than the fact that her office has the account).; She closed up her Manhattan office without notification to NYC clients, something I learned strictly by happenstance when I called her office and got a recording that the number is no longer in service. These records are now being held in storage at a location not disclosed to me and to which I have no access and for which she is charging me storage fees. I was given no opportunity to retrieve these records while they were still in Manhattan. I must now retain another attorney, at considerable expense, to not only retrieve MY legal records, but also to regain MY money from MY escrow account and also to deal with the legal matters for which Serafinn was initially retained. I have received no information or updates from Serafinn since July, 2010 and, thus, have no idea of the status of any of these accounts. This uncertainty makes it impossible for me to establish or hold a bank account. I am in legal limbo as a result of Serafinn's behavior and also am suffering from significant financial distress since I am being denied access to MY money. I believe very strongly that Patricia Serafinn's actions and lack thereof need to be reported to and acted upon by any and all legal oversight organizations and by the Bar Association of the State of New York.