Anderson v. Moskowitz, Docket # BUR-L-000176-05

Bruce H Zamost

Case Conclusion Date:September 25, 2007

Practice Area:Medical Malpractice

Outcome:$2.7 million [$2,696,784] Verdict in favor of plaintiffs

Description:In September 2007, Mr. Zamost obtained a $2.55 million jury verdict for a woman who sustained a partial vision loss in an optometric malpractice case, involving a delay in treating the patient's progressively detaching retina. The jury awarded $2.5 million to the victim of the medical malpractice for her pain and suffering, disability and impairment and enjoyment of life losses, plus $50,000 to her husband, for his loss of consortium. With court-imposed interest, the judgment totaled $2.7 million. This verdict for unliquidated damages for the partial vision impairment to one eye is among the largest medical malpractice verdicts of its kind nationwide.