D'Uva might be knowledgeable in immigration issues but the man has no time for his clients. He let his secretaries or personal assistants handle all the paper works and they mess up big time. My husband and I hired him for our immigration case and lost miserably due to mistakes from the filling papers. The whole thing became very complicated. There was an inadequate direction on what next to do. He did not communicate processing times to us, things delayed beyond reasonable time. All he cared about was his money. He did not care about the case. He was supposed to write a letter for us, and he was going to charge us separate fee aside the legal fee. He wanted the money before he will even write the letter. We contacted immigration ourselves and got the case resolved without his help. When we went for our original documents, they could not find our passports. So we had to leave and come back. He just took our money for no work done and the mistakes they made cost us a lot. He should stick to the real estate business.