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Mary Wanderpolo’s client reviews

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  • My legal encounter with Mary E Wanderpolo was a nightmare.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Guardianship client

    In 2006, after my mother suffered a stroke, I presented Mary with my mother's Durable Power of Attorney, naming me, and her Will in which I was named Executrix. My name was on all of her bank accounts, but her name only was listed on the deed to her house. Instead of simply having the deed to the house amended, Mary proceeded with a Legal Guardianship. I didn't know at the time what this implied. This process was costly, lengthy, and as I later learned, completely unnecessary. My mother died in December 2009. Just this past week, this mess was finally resolved. When it was realized that my mother could no longer live in her home, I listed it with a real estate agency. It was known during the Guardianship process that Mary would be the attorney handling the closing. Several months passed and I received a call from Mary stating she would send me a form to sign allowing me not to be present for the closing. Since I live out of state, it sounded like a good idea. Several days had passed and I received a phone call from the listing agent. She informed me that the house sold but the sale did not go through their office. I was just as confused as the agent was. Later that day Mary called me stating the sale was done through her office and a check would be sent to me shortly. Several days passed and I did get the check and closing papers. Mary sold the house, acted as the selling agent, paid herself an agents commission, took out her fees for being the closing attorney as well, and paid the listing real estate office their commission of which I did not have any objection to. The contract Mary drew up also had me paying the buyers closing costs . The deal was done. I finally realized what Mary had done. I took out the copy of the form she had sent where I "did not have to be present at the closing", and saw that #4 on the form gave her the right to sell the house. I can say Mary was not honest and straight forward with me. She knew I knew nothing about the law, and that I trusted her ( which you would think to be a normal relationship with your attorney. Are they not supposed to protect you and act in their client's best interest.) She knew from the beginning my time and concern was spent directly on the care of my mother, and not on searching the internet trying to decipher the law. Mary was less than honest in her explanations of all that took place. She always knew the right things to say, was very confident and explained all of the procedures as being just routine. Very duplicitous, but I learned too late. The Durable Power of Attorney did not warrant the Guardianship. Mary never explained that to me.

  • Would Not Recommend

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Estate Planning client

    We had a really bad experience with this firm. Terrible service (no call backs or returned emails after so many attempts). The pricing was constantly changing. When we finally brought the repeated issues to their attention, they did not attempt to correct the issues so we ended up loosing our initial consult fee and now have to start again with another attorney. I would choose another firm that is more professional and responsive.