Arnold Montaquila has been an informal advisor to me regarding various corporate and non-corporate legal matters for 45 years.

Because I and the non-profit corporations I control are located in California, I understand that Mr. Montaquila cannot formally provide legal representation to me or the corporations here. That is the only reason I have not been able to retain Mr. Montaquila as chief counsel for the corporations.

Mr. Montaquila has been a life-long source of inspiration and has provided me with decades of very relevant and meaningful advice that has led me down the pathway to a very happy and successful life. For that I will be forever grateful. His generous gifts to me as a friend, confidant, and informal legal advisor are priceless.

Attorney Arnold Montaquila, in my opinion, is a person of profound integrity, character, and honesty that few persons can match. I wish he practiced in California.

Semper Fidelis,
Jim, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
Aliso Viejo, Ca.