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What a Power Of Attorney lawyer can do for you

Lawyers who have expertise creating power of attorney will make sure that the individual you are giving decision-making authority fits your goals and desires. When you give someone the power to make legal decisions for you, you will want an experienced attorney who will create a document that makes you feel secure and that will stand up in court in case it is challenged.

Why Hire a Power of Attorney Lawyer

A power of attorney lawyer can help you simplify the estate planning process with the following specific tasks:

  • Advising on the powers that should be delegated and included in your power of attorney
  • Helping chose the agent
  • Informing the agent of their obligations and responsibilities

While you don’t need a lawyer for a power of attorney form, you should be aware that if you create an ambiguous legal document it may have difficulty holding up in court. Thus it is at least sensible to have an expert power of attorney lawyer review your document should you decide to create one on your own.

Cost of Hiring a power of attorney lawyer

The cost of hiring a lawyer can vary greatly depending on the city and amount of work that needs to be done. Getting a power of attorney does not have to be a difficult or expensive process.

Power of Attorney professionals offer a number of payment arrangements to suit the financial needs of their clients. Common fee structures include:

  • An hourly rate. You pay for every hour your lawyer works on your case. This is the most common arrangement but it can vary by practice area.
  • A flat fee. You pay a fixed payment amount. This is usually only offered if a case is very simple, such as simply creating a power of attorney.

Your legal fees will depend on the following:

  • Your lawyer's reputation, experience, and abilities.
  • The amount of time your lawyer spends on your case.
  • Your case's complexity.
  • The costs involved in your case, including your lawyer's overheads.
  • The results of your case.

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Did you know?

Power of attorney is one of the primary means by which older adults are financially exploited, leading one Pennsylvania official, in a congressional report on elder justice, to describe power of attorney documents as a “powerful, simple, and dangerous tool.”