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What a Guardianship lawyer can do for you

Guardianship attorneys advise you about the type of legal and welfare decisions you can make as a legal guardian. Whether you need guidance with guardianship legal paperwork or representation once the guardian is appointed, a guardianship lawyer will advise you of your legal rights. When deciding on care for a minor or an incapacitated person, a guardianship attorney can assure you that the legal process will be thorough and correct.

Why hire a Guardianship attorney

When a person is too young to make decisions or is incapacitated and can no longer care for their own interests, guardian law allows the court to appoint someone to make legal and welfare decisions for them. A legal guardian may be appointed as a limited decision-maker or an all-purpose decision-maker. For example, children whose parents are divorcing often have limited legal guardians help decide custody issues. Nursing home residents may need a general legal guardian to make all their welfare decisions for them. Guardianship lawyers advise you about the appropriate legal guardianship for your particular circumstances. They also help with guardianship forms and other legal paperwork, and represent the guardian once one is appointed.

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