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Is it illegal for a landlord to withhold keys pending receipt of proof of a renters insurance policy after the lease started?

The prospective landlord of a market rate apartment requires all tenants to purchase renter’s insurance with $100,000 liability coverage and to maintain it throughout the lease term.

This landlord has a policy not to release the keys to the new tenant until they provide proof of this renter’s insurance policy and liability coverage.

The insurance rider to the lease states that a new tenant has to present proof of having purchased a renter’s insurance policy with $100,000 liability coverage on or before the start date of their lease.

If the tenant is a few days’ late in purchasing and providing proof of the renter’s insurance policy with requisite liability coverage, is it legal for the new landlord to withhold the keys to the tenant’s apartment until the tenant gives them the proof of insurance coverage which they require, even though the tenant’s lease already started?

Is the Landlord’s policy to withhold the Tenant’s keys pending receipt of the proof of the tenant’s renter’s insurance coverage legal?

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