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Rogers, AR Business Lawyers

60 lawyers specializing in Business are available in the Rogers, AR area.

Compare the best Business attorneys near you and make informed decisions based on 65+ reviews and detailed attorney profiles. Click here to see related practice areas and towns nearby as well as additional resources.

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Rogers has 60 Business Attorneys with 65 Reviews

  • headshot

    J. Christopher Harris

    Hatfield Harris, PLLC
    5208 Village Parkway, Suite 9, Rogers, AR
    2 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.7 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 24 years
    Review: Chris was great to work with. Found him through my ARAG program and after a few short meetings he was able to handle my issue (a Tax issue) perfectly. I will be returning to him for some family and estate planning after my wedding next year!
  • headshot

    George R. Rhoads

    Matthews, Campbell, Rhoads, McClure & Thompson, P.A.
    119 South Second Street, Rogers, AR
    1 review
    Avvo Rating: 7.3 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 44 years
    I have practiced law since 1979. I spent two years practicing law in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Then I returned to Arkasnas and spent two years as a corporate attorney at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (when Wal-Mart only had three attorneys in its Legal Department)...
  • headshot

    Joshua S. Bryant

    Bryant Law Firms
    9 Halsted Circle, Rogers, AR
    5 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 6.5 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 15 years
    I help families, small business owners, churches, non-profits, and ministries be more secure, effective, and efficient with legally defensible processes and documents. I am currently the Managing Attorney at Church General Counsel, a law firm dedi...
  • headshot

    Edmond Joseph McGehee

    119 S 2nd St, Rogers, AR
    7 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.3 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 8 years
    Quality business law, litigation, real estate, and estate planning services.
  • headshot

    Anna R. Betts

    The Betts Firm
    201 S. 20th Street, Suite 9, Rogers, AR
    3 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.2 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 14 years
    I have been practicing personal injury law since 2009. The best part of my job is helping people through difficult times in their life. Providing relief to my clients who are often carrying a heavy burden is a very rewarding experience. In my spar...
  • headshot

    John Erik Baureis

    Miller, Butler, Schneider, Pawlik & Rozzell, PLLC
    224 S. 2nd Street, Rogers, AR
    3 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.5 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 18 years
    Analytical and detail-oriented trial attorney with nearly two decades of experience in multiple legal environments, practicing in a broad spectrum of legal areas, including prosecution, criminal defense, student conduct hearings, civil litigation,...
  • headshot

    Christopher William Nanos

    The Nanos Law Firm, PLC
    105 S. 5th Street, Rogers, AR
    2 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 6.7 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 31 years
    The mission of the Nanos Law Firm is to provide vigorous and ethical representation for my clients and to protect their legal rights in a cost-effective manner. My goal is to resolve legal disputes as rapidly as possible, without acrimony, while s...
  • headshot

    Anthony William Noblin

    Po Box 747, Rogers, AR
    1 review
    Avvo Rating: 6.5 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 17 years
    Review: Tony did an excellent job to help me make a confident decsion after being laid off unexpectantly due to downsizing. He carefully reviewed my case and presented me with my options. Together we agreed on a severance package that would best fit my ne...
  • headshot

    Rebecca Breanne Hurst

    Smith Hurst, PLC
    5100 W JB Hunt Drive, Suite 900, Rogers, AR
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 8.7 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 17 years
    Rebecca is a co-founder and the first managing partner of Smith Hurst. She brings to the firm, experience in practice with Arkansas’s largest law firm, where she focused on planning the estates, businesses and charitable organizations of some of A...
  • headshot

    Miriam E. Martinez

    Martinez Law Firm, PLLC
    1107 West Chestnut St, Rogers, AR
    1 review
    Avvo Rating: 6.9 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 9 years
    Our Motto: Your Business is Our Business! For Personal Injury cases- No consultation fee, No win equals No fee.
  • Mary Elizabeth Matthews

    Matthews, Campbell, Rhoads, McClure, Thompson & Fryauf, P.A.
    119 South Second Street, Rogers, AR
    Not yet reviewed
    Business Lawyer Licensed
  • Dennis Roy Raebel

    8984 S Park Rd, Rogers, AR
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Business Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “Extremely informative, provided excellent guidance, always available, stayed on top of my case day to day. Extremely impressive in the court room.”
  • headshot

    Stephen Lynn Hardin

    Lingle Law Firm
    110 S. Dixieland, Rogers, AR
    1 review
    Avvo Rating: 6.8 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 44 years
    Review: Steve is a professional and caring attorney. He has changed my opinion of lawyers. He set me at ease the moment I met him. He also handled my case in a timely and professional manner. I would retain him again and recommend him to any person needin...
  • headshot

    Ronald Alvin Williams

    The Williams Law Group, PLC
    4201 W. New Hope Rd., Suite 202, Rogers, AR
    3 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.2 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 48 years
    I enjoy taking road trips across Arkansas and stopping in local restaurants to savor the local cooking and ambiance
  • Kathy M. Sharp

    Mitchell Williams
    5414 Pinnacle Point Dr Ste 500, Rogers, AR
    Not yet reviewed
    Business Lawyer Licensed
  • headshot

    Christopher Brian Birch

    Birch Law Firm, PLLC
    2879 W Walnut St, Suite 101, Rogers, AR
    4 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 6.6 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 4 years
    Birch Law Firm, PLLC is a general practice law firm, primarily handling personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation. Birch Law Firm, PLLC is owned and operated by atto...
  • John Andrew Jones

    20 S Sechrest Cir, Rogers, AR
    Not yet reviewed
    Business Lawyer Licensed
  • Courtney Newton Little

    Little Law Firm P.A.
    Po Box 1510, Rogers, AR
    Not yet reviewed
    Business Lawyer Licensed
  • headshot

    Danny Keith Clearman

    Danny K. Clearman Attorney At Law
    100 N. Dixieland Road, Suite D-2, PMB 139, Rogers, AR
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 7.4 
    Business Lawyer Licensed for 34 years
    I have 19 years of experience as an attorney handling both civil and criminal matters. Although I am relatively new to Arkansas, I am not a new lawyer. My background before law was in engineering.
  • Glenn Eugene Kelley

    303 W Walnut St, Rogers, AR
    Not yet reviewed
    Business Lawyer Licensed

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