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Rohit Bhagat

Family Attorney at Dallas, TX

4.5   21 reviews
  • Licensed for 12 years
    State TX
    Acquired 2010
    Eligible to Practice in Texas No misconduct found

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Rohit Bhagat
2727 LBJ
Dallas, TX


4.5 / 5.0
  21 customer reviews
Posted by Edward | February 10, 2020
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Good Service
I hired Mr. Bhagat for a custody case that i thought would be an open & shut case. Well it turned out to be a pretty long case. What i really liked and love about Mr. Bhagat, When i went to his office although i knew he had other clients. I felt like i was his only client. His attention to detail & knowledge is well worth the price. Speaking of price. With his upstanding that people have other responsibilities before seeking his services. He put me and my son piece of mind before money & allowed me to make payments. Piece of mind is priceless. I would definitely recommend him and hire him again.
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Posted by FY | June 27, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Great lawyer & a Great Man
The first day I went to Rohit's office to discuss my case he spent a great deal of time explaining my rights. He did an excellent job representing me in the court and showed incredible patience and understanding throughout the stressful process. Rohit has a wonderful personality - he is confident, well-prepared, punctual, communicative, and an attentive listener. Rohit is an excellent lawyer and I highly recommend him to anyone seeing legal advice or representation.
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Posted by Oscar | August 18, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Very knowledgeable and you must retain Mr. Bhagat
I retained Mr. Bhagat after my sons mother disappeared with the children. The deck is always stacked against a father in family court, especially since I reside in Illinois and not Texas. This was truly the biggest fight of my life and I'm glad I went with my decision to retain him to represent me and the best interest of my children. He filed a large amount of motions on my behalf, he was always very well prepared in court and had the best interest of me and my sons at heart. After almost a grueling two year custody case that I am sure was probably the most complex case he has had in his career, I won custody. Fathers almost never win and to be able to move your children out of state is almost unheard of. Mr. Bhagat put in the hard work and dedication to win this case for me. I opted for a jury trial, which is something I would highly recommend to anyone reading this, and Mr. Bhagat delivered an outstanding performance during trial. After a three day trial, then waiting almost two hours for the jury verdict the time was upon us. Hearing my name called awarding me custody was surreal, there are no words to describe the emotions of winning a case that seemed impossible from the beginning. Mr. Bhagat was to my left and I thanked him as much as anyone can thank a person because none of this would have been possible without him. Take it from a person who has been in your shoes and I was reading the reviews just like you are now. I did my research, I met with other lawyers but most just want to take your money and run. To me, he stood out above the rest and I'm very happy with the decision I made to retain him. Now with the children under my care I can give them the best possible life and help them become adults that anyone can be proud to have in their community. Do the right thing and retain Mr. Bhagat as your lawyer, you will be glad that you did. Thank you.
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Posted by anonymous | May 18, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Help for my daughter
I had to modify my past custody order because the mother of my child was failing our daughter. I went back to the Lee law firm since they had done my case before. Rohit was my attorney and was always ready to go. In court he was always thinking on his feet and was able to get me orders that my daughter and I deserved. He heard my story and used all my documents I had to help me get the job done. The case is over for now, and I know my daughter will have a stable future with me being responsible for her.
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Posted by anonymous | January 15, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Protecting fathers rights
I needed help with my kids when their mom decided to come back in their lives after being gone for 7 years. She did not have such an easy time blaming it on me, but actually the judge specifically found it was the mothers fault for leaving so long. Rohit was able to keep me as primary parent, and also give me many exclusive rights, and child support and thousands of retro support dollars. The law office was easy to communicate with and Rohit tries his best to be available to review the case with me. I was worried that because she is a woman, that she would get easy favors in court, but that is not true, and the Lee Law firm was able to protect my rights as a father. Ill keep touch with them and would refer others.
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Posted by ED | January 8, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
good service good job
After I decided to remove my past attorney in the middle of my divorce case. My new attorney at the Lee Law firm was Rohit Bhagat. From the first time we met I could tell that he was 100% by my side. He was a good communicator and was confident in the approach he was taking to make sure I was legally protected. My Ex wife wanted to limit my access to my kids and wanted for me to pay for all of the children birth costs expense when she was lying about what the costs were. Not only did I get to see my kids as any normal parent should, Mr. Bhagat in the final trial was able to show all of the contradictions and lies that my she was try to prove. He was able to attack all the evidence that my ex had for the judge, and in my opinion my she looked very silly. They were trying to make me pay more than $20,000 back to her, but she got ZERO. It was a big deal for my financial circumstances and I thank god for his help and dedication. I thank him and everyone at the firm, especially Ms. Veronica for helping with translation services when needed and her commitment as well to keeping me informed. Hope to keep in touch with them for the future. God Bless.
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Posted by anonymous | December 17, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Satisfied Client
Many thanks to Mr. Bhagat and the Lee Law firm. Mr. Bhagat was very honest with me from the first moment I met him and appeared to be genuinely interested in helping me through my divorce. He was easy to talk to and kept open lines of communication via his office line, cell phone, emails and the staff in his office. The time he took to address my individual circumstances of divorce made me feel somewhat comfortable with the process of divorce. He was able to negotiate a resolution to my divorce which allowed me to keep the House that I worked so hard for. Sometimes the process felt slow, but Mr. Bhagat was on top of the situation and tried to keep me updated as soon as he had significant news. When we went to Court, he was able to simplify the issues to get the job done. He was exactly what I envisioned as what a good, honest, and assertive attorney should be. When the other side got cold feet, Mr. Bhagat made sure they would not re-open the case. He assured me of seeing that the settlement figures were not exceeded and not affecting my social security or other retirement benefits, again I thank them more so that a new chapter of my life begins in 2016!!!I will be sure to follow up with him if any other matters arise.
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Posted by Sh | August 6, 2015
Young father
"We came to the Lee Law Firm after the mother of my child started to keep my son away from me. Months went by where I had no idea where my son was and how he was doing. I was worried. Fortunately attorney Rohit Bhagat at the Lee Law Firm came to my aid and accomplished so much for me and my relationship with my son. Locating the mother for service of the case was a little tricky at the start. But it was done all by the time of the first court hearing, which was perfect. Rohit decided to issue subpoenas on key witness that played out perfectly, since the witnesses being at the hearing put pressure on the other party to settle. Great strategy. Rohit had GOOD communication skills to bring all the parties together to make a final agreement at the initial hearing with not a lot of emotional trauma involved. Now I get to see my son a lot! I have a custom possession schedule, know my son will live in Dallas county for the foreseeable future and I have a guaranteed future with him! This is a good start, and I will keep in touch with Rohit for my future legal needs and also refer my friends and family
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Posted by anonymous | June 22, 2015
Happy Father
I just wanted to say thank you for everything that the Lee Law firm and attorney Rohit Bhagat have done from the bottom of my heart. I wish to thank them so very much, god bless. I'm so happy I have my daughters in my life with their work, they have truly touched my heart . Dreams do come true. I want fathers around the world to know that if you never give up hope an never stop believing in the things you love an cherish because you can overcome and threw god things come together if you have faith an believe. God bless an thank you again in so many ways I can't express the joy I have in my heart that my kids are home with me thank you.
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Posted by anonymous | April 3, 2015
Good Lawyer Bhagat
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Mr. Bhagat, for his excellent performance and dedication towards my divorce and custody trial. His planning, perseverance, concern, and cool headiness, contributed immensely to a peaceful trial. He was able to not only corroborate, but master rage, and anger coming from the mothers side, and brought both parties together, in a much more methodical and professional way. If there is any evaluation the firm, he deserves to be rewarded. It was for the sake of Mr Bhagat, that I decided to stay with the Lee Law Firm. I believed he knew my case much better other attorney and he finished it with a tremendous skill and experience. May God bless him.
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Posted by anonymous | January 18, 2015
My experience with the Lee Law Firm and Rohit Bhagat.
My case has taken over a year, unfortunately my ex was homeless with my children and she attempted to hide them us and I though it would be an easy case but it wasn't. After she made unsubstantiated claims of abuse during the initial hearing and after it was complicated by the fact we had no visitation order and just a support order in different counties things were not simple. Thankfully Rohit and the Lee Law Firm came to my side and helped me gain custody of my children from my ex right from the first hearing. Rohit has always gone above and beyond to ensure that my best interest were always in mind and help us navigate the legal system in order to make the temporary order permanent and get child support from my ex while reduce my arrears. We went though so much pain during the year getting the final order that we though it would never end. The fee's were spread over the case and year of course and they were very fair, we know going forward our case was complicated but Rohit worked with the Judge, AG and around my ex to get us the best out come which was fully custody, limited visitation and child support. Communication was not slow but as fast as you could expect when waiting for the Judge, AG, Family services and such. We never felt ignored or cheated. We would whole heartedly recommend Rohit for any Family Issues and he will be the only attorney we deal with in the future for our case.
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Posted by nathanieljones1775 | December 30, 2014
The Buck stops here.
I am really grateful for Lee Law Firm and Rohit Bhagat for years I been dealing with the same Baby Momma drama. She would call my job, press false charges against me, call cps on me and play games by keeping my daughter from me , saying she would be at the exchange location when she had no intention on showing up. When she did show up she would have the police staring at me like I committed some aweful crime, but no more. She was a bully that got her tail handed to her in court. I got everything that I wanted and she got everything she deserved. No more days of being frustrated, now I have the upper hand. Lee Law Firm really is a place for fathers to go if they need help.
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Posted by Roxana | October 24, 2014
An attorney who goes above and beyond to help
Attorney Rohit Bhagat has been a true advocate for me throughout my case. Although some attorneys are only helpful and responsive in the initial consultation with their clients; Attorney Rohit Bhagat has consistently been professional, responsive and helpful throughout. His support staff at the Lee Law Firm has also been courteous, professional and efficient. They are truly only a phone call or email away and they do reply in a timely manner. Furthermore, going through a divorce is a stressful time and no one would want that for anyone;But if you are going through a divorce or child custody issues--- Rohit is the attorney you can trust to make the process less stressful and who will honestly represent you and your interests in your case. Any time during my case, if I was unsure of the next step in the process or how to handle an issue that came up; Rohit would return my call or email and help me find the solution. The DFW area needs more attorneys like Rohit Bhagat!
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Posted by Ayaz | October 16, 2014
Divorce and Child Custody
I was much stressed and had no idea how to handle my divorce and child custody situation. My divorce case was high profile and very complicated due to international legalities. I was referred to Father for Equal Rights by a friend for counselling. I went there and met with Ms Jean Lee from Fathers Help of Texas (The Lee Law Firm). I explained to her my current situation; she was very caring and guided me accordingly. When I hired her law firm, she assigned Mr. Bhagat as my lawyer. I am very pleased with the professionalism and willingness to help offered to me from the office staff at the lee law firm. Every time I called my message was conveyed to Mr. Bhagat in a timely manner. My experience with Mr. Bhagat and the law firm has been exceptional. He represented me in court with respect and I am very happy with the outcome. From the very first meeting Mr. Bhagat has been available for me when needed. On several occasions Mr. Bhagat met me on weekends to discuss about my case. Prior to every court date he made sure that we met and followed through and prepared for the court. He advised me from how I should dress to how my behavior should be in front of the honorary judge. Mr. Bhagat kept me well informed even of the smallest details and progress. I found Mr. Bhagat to be very competent. He has exceptions knowledge of law and is very seasoned. During this whole process I was very stressed and emotional. At first I was very skeptical to share information with Mr. Bhagat, however he made me feel very comfortable and proved to be very trustworthy. He always thought of and counselled me in what would serve best in my interest. He is very focused, understanding and a very good listener. Throughout the trial he listened to my concerns, without judging me or making me feel disrespected. After understanding my concerns thoroughly, he then advised me keeping in mind what was in my best interest. His focus was always on the case and how to have a positive outcome. During our meetings he was always prepared and willing to answer any questions or concerns I had. Mr. Bhagat is very passionate in what he does and has excellent communication skills. He was able to explain to me with ease the legal terminologies such as Rule 11, standard possession, and what it details. In court he expressed himself very eloquently and to the point. Mr Bhagat has provided me with an exceptional service with a very reasonable cost. I would like to sincerely thank Fathers Help of Texas (The Lee Law Firm) its Staff, Jean Lee and Mr. Bhagat for all the countless amount of effort they have put in throughout my trial. I would definitely recommend Fathers Help of Texas and Mr. Bhagat to others.
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Posted by Richard | August 13, 2014
Compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer
I sincerely thank Mr. Rohit Bhagat and The Lee Law Firm and their team of highly qualified attorneys. He handled my contested divorce case. He sat down with me during my initial face-to-face consultation and determined my needs. Week-to-week, he kept me updated on the status of my divorce case. Through several email communications with the other attorney, Mr. Bhagat was able to settle many of the contested issues prior to trial. As a result, my now uncontested divorce case was given a “prove up” date three (3) weeks prior to a final lengthy trial. This saved me thousands in additional attorney fees. I highly recommend The Lee Law Firm and Mr. Rohit Bhagat in your legal matters.
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Posted by Sergio | March 25, 2014
Family Case - Father Requesting Shared Custody of His Daughter
Rohit worked on my case and did an excellent job. He kept me informed of the facts and didn't over promise results. I'm the type of client that would rather hear the truth and he did so in a caring compassionate way. I definitely recommend anyone to use his services and would do so myself again.
Posted by Moises | March 21, 2013
Single Dad With Kids
Mr. Bhagat is a very honest attorney and individual. He kept me up-to-date on all aspects of my case. He always answered all my questions respectfully and professionally. He handled this whole process for me with dignity. His knowledge of Texas family law made a big difference. When I settled my case, I was very please with the outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Bhagat.
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Posted by praveen | May 30, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Caring and knowledgeable Attorney
I met him when one of my friends reference. He is very knowledgeble and helped me throughout the process . Made it very smooth, and make my work stressfree. He really fights on behalf his cleints and works until justice is served. I highly recommend Rohit to anyone whetehr its divorce or custody issues
Posted by anonymous | February 9, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
When I found an attorney to help with my divorce, I was hoping it would all be agreed and easy. That was not the case. My ex allowed the case to get finished and then tried to open the case back up just because he did not like to pay child support! Eventually he did open the case up, but that is when my case was shifted to Rohit as a contested divorce. Rohit was very passionate and tried hard to make sure that my kids stayed with me and I got all that I deserved. When the case eventually went to a trial with the Judge, he was ready to prove my point. He was able to give me sole custody of my kids, and protect them from danger as much as possible. He had an attack plan for trial and it worked out alright. My kids father wanted to drag my kids into court to have them talk to the judge, but Rohit saw to it that they would not be put in the middle. At times it was hard to reach rohit, but when the trial time came he was always available and set meetings on the weekend just to prepare. Many thanks to him and the firm for the help!
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Posted by Stephanie | November 2, 2014
Disappointed in him & Lee Law Firm
I would not recommend Rohit Bhagat in any child custody case. He was very unorganized and can bet my life he didn't read or go over any of the information we provided to him to prove our household was the best place for our kids. Anything the other lawyer tried to prove could have been disproved if he would have even gone over our file and everything we provided. Even during breaks we kept asking "are you going to bring this or that up" and he assured us he would, but never did. As parents that had temporary custody for two years until final court, we should have had an open, closed case. But thanks to Rohit we lost. But him and Lee Law Firm got their thousands of dollars for absolutely nothing. We might as well have just went to court and handed the kids over because he did not represent us at all. He wouldn't even stand up when addressing the judge. We are ashamed to have had this person as our lawyer and the whole law firm is a complete joke. They are always changing the fee amounts and the staff is never the same. They couldn't even mail us the notification that we were going to court, we only found out because we called up there. Otherwise we would have missed the court date. Please don't waste your time or money with these people. Go out and find a good lawyer that will try to represent you the best way possible. I'm not just mad, I'm extremely infuriated. It's ashamed when damn good parents like us lose our kids to worthless parents because of sorry lawyers.
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AVVO RATING 7.1 (Very Good)


  • Thurgood Marshall School of Law - Texas Southern Univeristy
  • JD - Juris Doctor
  • 2010
  • University of Houston
  • BS - Bachelor of Science
  • 2007


  • Dallas County Dispute Resolution Center
  • Certified Mediator
  • 2016 - Present

Languages Spoken

  • Hindi

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Family Attorney | Jul 31
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Rohit is a lawyer who is truly dedicated to his clients. He works diligently and comes up with creative legal solutions."
Family Attorney | May 16
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"I have been a long time friend, former law school classmate, and former associate of Mr. Bhagat. During my time knowing him, he as always maintained a sharp skill and dedication to the practice of Law. Mr. Bhagat, has always vigorously advocated for all the clients I have seen him represent. Over the years he has gained more and more knowledge of Texas Family Law and Criminal Defense matters. I highly recommenced and endorse this attorney."
Family Attorney | Jan 21
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"I worked opposite Rohit in a highly contested divorce case. Despite its contentious nature, Rohit was always professional and courteous. I look forward to the next case we work on together."