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Shawn Patrick Hammond

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  • Success!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bert

    I sought a lawyer to help us deal with a minor traffic issue - my daughter had been stopped and charged with "following too closely". I felt as if perhaps the deputy was just having a bad day. The Hammond Law firm met with us during our court date and was able to get the prosecutor to reduce the charge to essentially just a fine, without accessed driver points or it affecting future insurance rates. During the initial consult, Mr. Hammond was very upfront about our chances of success only being about even, but I think having a lawyer there helped swing the balance in our favor, saved us some time at court, and my daughter and I learned a lot in the process.

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  • Great Results and a Fair Price!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeremy

    The team at Shawn P. Hammond and Associates handled my divorce case in 2013, and I couldn't be more pleased with the disposition of my case! The team was attentive, diligent, action-oriented, and they worked hard to obtain the best possible outcome for my children and me. I was involved in my case and kept well-informed. I felt as if I had an entire legal team at my back, and I suppose I did! While Shawn's partner, Carl Schluter, actually was my attorney (and did a fantastic job!), I realized that Shawn was apprised and knowledgeable of my case as well. It truly felt like a team effort.

    I was well-represented when I chose to hire this firm, and the results we obtained speak for themselves. Since the divorce, I have hired this firm for additional legal services as well. Their costs are reasonable and provide an incredible "bang for your buck."

  • Military Spouse

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    I came to this firm for a divorce. My husband is in the military and was telling me that if I left him I would not receive any support and would not get any of his benefits. At our first meeting, Mr. Hammond explained to me what he calls the typical divorce process and how I can get immediate support. I received a check for support the next day from my husband. He also explained what I should receive from my divorce and it was a lot more that I was expecting. My divorce is finalized now and the Judge ordered exactly what Mr. Hammond said he would. I highly recommend this office for their excellent service.


    1.0 star

    Posted by REBECCA

    I hired Shawn to go after my ex's $20,000 child support arrears. He SEEMED to be ready for court. We arrived at court where I found out he had filed the WRONG paperwork and I was PRESSURED into signing a final order where he took my ex's attorney's word for EVERYTHING! Including a financial form where my ex lied about his income AND I could have PROVED it IF given a chance! Long story short, I lost thousands of dollars on my highly anticipated court appearance from HELL!!! Because of Shawn Hammond, my son gets $300 less PER MONTH than should! VERY LAZY!!

    Shawn Patrick Hammond’s response: “Shame on Avvo for allowing a false review like this to be posted. This is not an actual review from a real client and in no way reflects our practice or our commitment to our clients. Unfortunately, it does highlight the intensity of family law cases and how other lawyers and other parties can allow themselves and their anger to get out of control. How sad and unfortunate.”
  • I highly recommend Mr. Hammond

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    My 22-year-old son was driving a friend home from a party one night in the friend's car because the friend had too much to drink. The car had a broken taillight and was stopped by police. The friend had a small amount of marijuana on him and in the car so both he and my son were arrested and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. I contacted the law office of Mr. Shawn Hammond and was able to meet with Mr. Hammond and his associate Mr. Schluter the following day. After I explained the situation, Mr. Hammond was confident in a positive outcome and clearly explained what their strategy would be, what we needed to do, and what our expectations should be. I was impressed with their legal knowledge and friendliness and hired them to represent my son. I especially liked that whenever I contacted their office with a question, they responded right away. Luckily my son's friend was willing to accept full responsibility for the marijuana. He even met with Mr. Schluter, who explained his options. Thanks to the friend's cooperation, Mr. Schluter was able to do the necessary work during the arraignment to get the marijuana charge against my son dismissed and even helped my son's friend to get a less severe punishment than he would have otherwise. I was very pleased with the job Mr. Hammond and his associate did on my son's case and highly recommend them to others.

  • Hard working Hammond!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Mr. Hammond to handle my child custody case. He and his assistant, Tabitha, are a great team. . Hammond is tough as nails and a bulldog in the courtroom. They always kept us up to date and made sure paperwork was handled quickly. I would absolutely hire them again!

  • Fearless and Rock Solid Dependable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Captain Buffalo

    When I needed a lawyer last year I went to the only lawyer I have ever trusted - Shawn Hammond. He and I served together in Afghanistan where he was an Infantry officer assigned as an embedded tactical trainer (ETT) and a commander of a quick reaction force (QRF). During our deployment he proved himself to be a fearless and rock solid dependable leader. He always took care of his soldiers first and would, at times, put himself in harm’s way to protect them. He was admired and respected by his soldiers and by everyone else we served with.
    For my divorce, I had been married for several years and had 2 children with my wife. I suppose the strain of 3 deployments and being gone a lot crippled my marriage. During my marriage we had been apart longer than we had been together.
    My wife, after she decided to get a divorce, hired a lawyer who was extremely unreasonable and hateful. They complained to my commanders and other offices on post trying to cause as much trouble for me with the Army as they could. As an officer myself, this was starting to cause me a lot of embarrassment. They had said that I needed to give them what they wanted so they would go away. I was very stressed out about what was going on and it was starting to affect my ratings.
    However, as soon as I spoke with Mr. Hammond, almost all of that anxiety went away. He walked me through how a divorce is supposed to work and I began to understand the process. He immediately wrote a letter, had a conference with the Judge and all of the harassment instantly stopped. I was in awe of his ability to get things done.
    In court, Mr. Hammond was as fearless and decisive as I saw him during the war. When the case began he explained the case to the judge in a clear, concise and logical manner and just like that, the case was over. The other lawyer knew nothing about military benefits, military retirement or anything about the service and was left speechless. She just sat there mumbling and the Judge shut her down. It was a truly satisfying moment. Because of what they were doing and what they were demanding I had expected months and months of legal battles and to be wiped out financially. However, we were done in about 30 minutes with a fair and reasonable resolution.
    There is no doubt in my mind that because of his efforts, my wife and I are now friends again. If they had continued to do the things they were doing for much longer I would have hated her for life. Right now we work well together for our children and the tensions from the divorce are a distant memory.
    I strongly and absolutely recommend Shawn Hammond as the only lawyer you should use for a military divorce in the State of Georgia.

  • Strong, Reliable and Dependable - The Only Lawyer To Use

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tania

    I hired Shawn Hammond and his law firm in my divorce case. My husband was very abusive and after I caught him cheating on me HE filed for divorce and tried to take custody of our child. My husband was in the Army and all of his commanders protected and supported him in what he was doing because he was lying. We had been married for 12 years and he was trying to leave me with nothing.

    I was very upset at how I was being treated and Mr. Hammond was one of several lawyers I spoke with at first. I was suprised how he took his time with me on the phone even before I hired him. He told me everything I needed to know, where I could get help on post and off post and how to protect myself. No other lawyer even came close to having his knowledge and experience and he gave it away for free. He even helped me get a restraining order for free through Safe Homes.

    When I was finally able to get the money together to hire an attorney I went only to him. His staff was incredible at listening to me and took away most of my fear. My husband boasted about how good his lawyer was, how much he paid him and promised that he was going to destory me. But when it came time for court Shawn was AMAZING. Not only did he take command of the courtroom in presenting my case, but by the end of the hearing the Judge was asking him for advice. He showed my husband and the other lawyer for what they were.

    In the end, the case turned out just like he said when I first met with him. I got custody, my husband pays child support, he got visitation, he pays alimony and the marital debts and I got a part of his military retirement. Despite my ex thinking he was cheated, the judge said the case was being settled along the guidelines. The case settled exactly as Shawn said it would 5 months earlier.

    Shawn did a great job for me and is the ONLY lawyer any military parent should use.

  • Excellent Job

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lloyd

    Mr. Hammond did a great job in doing a step-parent adoption. He was very knowledgable about the law, was well respected by the Judge and did a great job explaining the process to us. He has a great staff who were very responsive and took care of all of our needs and kept us well informed. I would recommend him highly.

  • "COLA is not something you drink"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dawson

    Mr. Hammond uses the phrase "most lawyers think COLA is something you drink." He represented me in a military divorce in Augusta, Georgia. I was exceptionally pleased with his knowledge of the military and how he protected my rights. He protected my rights, saved me a lot of money, and protected my military retirement. According to the judge in court, there is no other local attorney who knows more about the military. I cannot be thankful enough.