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Douglas Phelps’s reviews

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Review Douglas Phelps
  • wish I had picked a different firm

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Gavin

    I am very disappointed in thus firm. They took my money and said they were confident in my case. I went to court for my hearing and my lawyer only happened to be there because she had another case at the same time for someone else. She said I didn't know your court date was today she walked up to the judge and asked for an extension and told me I could leave. Side note, pertty sad when you are dressed more professionally then your lawyer, her skirt was covered in clumps of dog hair and talk about some bed hair. Waste of my time. I went to the office to talk to the Doug Phelps about my concernsand the was unavailable to see me so I requested that he call me. He never did. A few weeks later I called to set up a pretrial meeting and they said we would need to file for another extention because they had not recieved my discovery report from the court, to bad they had already mailed me my copy of my report from their office. That meeting my lawyer was also 45 min late to. Way to instill any form of confidence. They are the most disorganized group of lawyers in town. Do yourself a favor and pick another firm.

  • Great lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Thank you Doug!! Worked very hard for me and my case. Have used them before and always taken care of.

  • Provides great services

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I was represented by Phelps & Assoc in a criminal matter. I received excellent legal advice along the way, and they filed motions that paved new legal inroads and got my case DISMISSED. Their fees are very reasonable and are all-inclusive. Hats-Off to an awesome and professional team!

  • Horrible experience

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    My experience with Phelps and Associates was worse than I thought was even legal. I hired this firm to represent me for a DUI case, the level of complete incompetence and disregard for my case was mind blowing.
    I was required so sign waivers that if I was late for any of my court dates I would suffer additional fees per hour, but not once was my representative on time for my court dates. Every single time I had an appearance the judge would have to skip by me the first time around to give my lawyer time to arrive, one time he was even so late the next session was in progress! In the end if they had paid me the additional fees for their being late I would have been paid back more than the initial cost for the representation - obviously I never got a cent back.
    At one point I was so angry that I began proceedings with deferring the case just so they couldn't screw up any more. They then later used this as an excuse for not being able to work any deals with the prosecuting attorney cause "the time of opportunity has passed" and I would have to proceed with the full trial.
    Rarely if at all was I counseled before an an appearance in court or phone hearing with the DOL. When I did the initial hearing with DOL for my drivers license privileges I was brought into the room after the proceeding had already started, but my representative was just then for the first time browsing through the paperwork looking for a cheap way out. I was expected to be prepared to answer questions and represent myself with no prior knowledge of what the hearing was even going to consist of!
    All in all I was represented by 3+ attorneys from this firm, each of which I had to personally coach as to what the current stage and prerogative was. Never once did a new representative come in that was prepared for the case and knew what was going on.
    Every time I went to their offices there would be another client with the exact same issues and problems with the firm, and we would talk about the same pain points while waiting for yet another appointment that our representative was late for. This told me I was not alone in the poor treatment, but this was the way they practiced in general.
    I had planned going to the BAR association with a complaint about the firm and their unacceptable business practices, but by the time the case was all said and done I couldn't' handle even talking about the proceedings any more. The second the guilty plea was passed their representation was officially over, and I didn't receive any assistance with the remainder of the case - which if you have ever had a DUI you know the guilty finding is just the start.