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Robin H. Balsam

Robin Balsam’s reviews

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  • Probate-Estate Settlement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nancy

    After having tried unsuccessfully to handle this disagreement without an attorney, I was fortunate that Robin Balsam was recommended to help me. Not only is she very familiar with probate law, but she also knew well the opposing attorney - with whom I had had negative experiences. This was a small case, so I greatly appreciated Ms. Balsam’s taking it on and giving it her immediate attention. My stress level was significantly reduced as there was peace-of-mind knowing that someone exceptionally knowledgeable was looking out for my best interest. It required almost a year before the case was settled. Throughout this time, Ms. Balsam kept me apprised of the status and each month I received a detailed accounting/time report. Lastly, the settlement check was mailed shortly after the documents were finalized. Yes, I highly recommend Ms. Robin Balsam . . . I promise you will sleep better.

  • Review of my experience as a client of Robin Balsam

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Drew

    I retained Robin Balsam in June of 2013 to assist me in dealing with my aging mother and her irrevocable trust, of which I am a beneficiary. My mother was diagnosed with pre-senile dementia which progressively got worse. I came across evidence that the assets in the trust were being misused, to the benefit of third parties. Robin sent letters and provided information to my mother and my estranged sister (who had power of attorney for my mother and is the executor of her estate). For over a year she provided me with professional advice and counsel, bot legal and with respect to dealing with my mother and sister in the most productive way possible. She also helped identify and quantify trust assets. She was always professional, responsive and courteous. Her efforts I believe stopped the misuse of the trust assets. My mother recently passed away, and as a result of Robin's efforts and advice, the trust and my mother's estate is I believe being settled correctly.

    Robin managed to do all this even though she, my mother and sister are in Washington and I am in New Hampshire. We worked via phone and email, and occasionally met in person when I was in Washington to see my mother.

    Robin's billing was always fair and accurate.

    I had no negative experiences at all with Robin so have nothing to mention in the way of constructive criticism.

    I highly recommend Robin to anyone who needs legal assistance in her areas of expertise.

  • Lawyers That Have Love Are The Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amanda A.

    Robin Balsam is extremely intelligent and well-versed, yet she possesses great patience and is warm and likeable. I would trust her with any matter at hand. She represented me for over a decade in a complex family matter with some pretty hostile characters involved. She was able to cut through their games and focus on the most important things, even though I was rather emotional about what was going on at the time. She has a sense of humor as well. She was supportive of me legally and emotionally and I will never forget all that she did for me. I am STILL reaping the life benefits of her past work on behalf of my family.

  • Vunerable Adult Protection

    5.0 stars

    Posted by lenore

    Robin is a "Bulldog" when it comes to protecting vunerable adults. She did an awesome job for my family. And because of her part of my family has to stop spending my fathers money on themselves. I highly reccomend her for all your needs

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela Strege

    Robin Balsam was recommended to me for a family matter. It was a very complex case involving exploitation which ended in a victorious guardianship trial. I have known attorneys from various specialties and worked with many in the past, and can say without hesitation that Robin Balsam is the most trustworthy, knowledgeable, hard working, ethical, responsive and professional attorney I have met in my professional career. Her hard work enabled me and my family to resume a happy, healthy relationship with our elder. I would recommend Robin to anyone in Washington State. She is indeed the best!