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Robert A Kelly

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  • A genuine high integrity person

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dave

    I've worked with Rob on two occasions and both times I felt well taken care of by a highly professional and highly skilled attorney. He is clear and impeccably honest. He thinks on multiple dimensions and comes up with creative actionable solutions. He also was good at bringing me back to reality when I needed it.

    Hired attorney
  • Strong client advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    After our initial meeting with Robert Kelly, it was very clear he was going to be different. Rob was honest about our particularly frustrating custody battle; he made sure we knew what we could and should expect of him. With that came hope for the first time, as we were finally talking with a knowledgeable attorney who was fully in our corner and was going to do whatever he could to help us. Coming from our last attorney's office whose main motivation was money; we were more than concerned this could be a similar situation. After learning Rob is one of the only attorney's around with two paralegals; amazing paralegals at that, we knew that alone would help with the bill. There have never been any surprises on the bills and Rob has offered such peace of mind by diligently trying to save us money, even while going through this lengthy process.
    Rob has been dedicated to our case, working tirelessly for us, listening to all concerns, answering all questions and has been there fighting for us the whole time. He has never wasted a dime of ours, which is a precious thing as these dealings are very expensive. Rob has always broken down everything, making things easy to understand and with that, easy to make sound decisions. He has kept us in the loop every step of the way; whenever questions or concerns have come up and he's not available, he gets back to us within a short amount of time. When others may have tried to cut corners, Rob has been upfront and honest with his strong ethics hard to find in others. He has managed to take an enormous weight off and has made this unbearable process bearable.
    Rob was ready and willing to litigate this case if necessary but he skillfully found a way to get mediation onto the table. This had seemed impossible before him and court looked like the only inevitable way to finish this. We felt more than confident putting our full trust in Rob and his team and it paid off. Rob not only was more than prepared for the face to face, he did not allow any of the shady tactics the other side attempted. It was a relief that Rob was our attorney and we weren't on the other side of the table from him. It is only because Rob is a very good attorney that we walked out of there with exactly what we had wanted from the start. My family and I will forever be grateful and indebted to Rob for standing with us through this entire process. You would be hard pressed to find an attorney more dedicated, more skillful or more of a client advocate than Robert Kelly.

  • Wonderful Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Rob was so lovely during my entire divorce process. He opened my eyes to a few things that will help me work with my ex-husband better and to be a better parent. I appreciated his patient demeanor and kind heart and definitely above all else had my best interests at heart

  • Outstanding Family Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David.

    I worked with Rob Kelly for 18 months during a traumatic child custody dispute where my ex-wife was trying to move our son away to a different school district and drastically reduce my custodial time. Rob Kelly came highly recommended by other Family Lawyers and from the moment I met with Rob, I knew he was not only an exceptional lawyer but a good man too. He was honest from the outset regarding my chances of prevailing (not good) and didn't pull any punches during our work together. He was knowledgeable, determined, patient, caring, sympathetic, charming, honest and ultimately very successful as we won every single installment of a protracted case that dragged on for months due to my ex-wife's selfish behaviour. Rob and his excellent Paralegals are a formidable team and I'm glad I hired them and had them on my side. Whilst Rob works to the highest ethical standards, he is also more than ready and capable to stand his ground and fight his clients' corner toe-to-toe when required and because he keeps this part of his arsenal in reserve, it can have a devastating effect on the opposing client and counsel. I'm delighted with the work that Rob and his team did for me, ecstatic at the results they got for me and I recommend Rob Kelly wholeheartedly and unreservedly. I'm a very good father. Rob Kelly is an exceptional lawyer.

  • Genuine, reliable, honest, and knowledgable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Heidi

    Genuine, reliable,honest, and knowledgable should I say more? I started out my search for an attorney from the Seattle area. I was needing to find a quality attorney to represent me for a case that was approaching quickly. I placed several phone calls to attorneys in Whatcom County discouraged as none of them seemed to take a few minutes to learn about my case or show any interest what so ever. When I called the Law Offices of Robert Kelly in my first conversation with Rob I knew he was the one. Rob not only took time to ask questions and learn about my case he cared and best of all followed up. Before I hired him he learned the times of my court hearing and reserved them on his online schedule to ensure he would be available to represent me. Robert and his legal assistant Sara worked right along side me throughout the entire process. Remember I was two hours away and not able to travel back and forth. They communicated via email and phone as I was long distance making the situation the least stressful as possible. Being in a service related industry I have high expectations of service. Rob and Sara went above and beyond throughout my entire family law case. I am VERY SATISFIED with the results. I highly recommend Robert Kelly for legal services you will not be disappointed!