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Lacey Noel’s reviews

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  • Did not help my case

    1.0 star

    Posted by Claire

    I had thought that my case was a really typical, standard one- last will and testament, plus health directive. I used Microsoft's ARAG system to find an in-network legal representative and tried this local one in Redmond.

    The only thing remotely unusual was the fact that I don't have any family or loved ones who are local, they're all in Canada. It's kind of depressing but those are my circumstances.

    So, okay. I fill out a bunch of paperwork for them. Some questions about my assets, I answer them. There's a good amount of correspondence by e-mail and over the phone. They are rather slow to respond, sometimes over a week for anything. Not even a simple acknowledgement of receiving your mail. But, ok.

    It is almost time to proceed forward with the signing- only, the paralegal *insisted* I need a representative in the US to complete the paperwork. I was pretty sure I didn't. She said I did. What is a person supposed to do if they're unmarried, no kids, and not close to anyone in the US? Maybe it's not so typical, but surely there must be many people in that category.

    She said maybe I could do it without one, although she doubted it, and said she'd have to check with the lawyer. After all this, and having already spent a fair bit of time+effort working with them so far, why not wait a little bit longer.

    I never heard back. 2 months went by.

    Switched attorneys, got it done the same week.

    Hired attorney
  • Good Service by Lacey

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Shao

    My wife and I were looking for a lawyer to draft a simple living will. We went to a bigger law firm and the service was terrible. Then we found Lacey Noel. Lacey was quick to respond over emails and answered questions promptly. I am pleased with her services.

  • An attorney with a heart and a can of whoopa** in her pocket

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Ms. Noel is an effective attorney who is very patient and flexible. I was pregnant during one case she helped me with and she made the whole incident almost stress free. She instills confidence but clearly explains the options and is prepared for the outcomes. She is aware of the "personalities" in the system and manages expectations accordingly. Her persistence and patience really pays off for her clients. She also did my will and health directive as well as my husband's and made it a very easy process. I highly recommend Ms. Noel and already have.